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A Hero, Severance and other titles to watch this weekend

From the moral quandaries of A Hero to the provocations of Severance, these are our weekend viewing recommendations

A still from 'Severance'
A still from 'Severance'

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A Hero (in theatres)

The Iranian drama A Hero is in limited release. Asghar Farhadi, as we wrote in our review, “builds tragedy as an accumulative, causal thing. No single action of Rahim’s is irretrievably damaging. But placed in order, they snap together like locks.”

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Severance (Apple TV+)

Severance is the smartest new show on TV, as we wrote in our review. “Created by Dan Erickson and directed mostly by Ben Stiller, the series has a distinctive aesthetic that yanks us into the fluorescent lit cubicles and white windowless walls. The architecture is a conundrum, the cubicles surrounded—with an inefficiency so pointed it must be deliberate—by room for so many more. As Severance poses questions about inner lives and outer lives, cults and faith, the abdication of moral responsibility and the bendiness of free will, it expertly captures the paranoia of walking into your office and not knowing something everyone else might know. About you.”

Russian Doll (Netflix)

The second season of the mindbending Russian Doll drops this weekend. We wrote of the first season: "Russian Doll, created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, is an instant masterpiece, a Netflix series so intricate and engaging that it made me hunger for the inevitably obtuse sci-fi 1970s mind-bender of a novel it’s based on—but ah, there is no novel. This is no adaptation of existing source material but a genuinely new, spirited creation birthed by an all-female team. The live-die-repeat premise sounds like high-concept gimmickry, but there’s much more to this show than the log line. More than anything else, it features a character special enough to make us question ourselves."

My Liberation Notes (Netflix)

Three siblings struggle to deal with the drudgery of their lives. They work in Seoul but live in the suburbs with their parents, the daily commute leaving them physically and mentally exhausted. Chang-hee, the brother. is dumped by his girlfriend, who calls him old-fashioned. Ki-jung is constantly complaining about everything, and can't it figure out why her boss, who has dated almost every girl in the office, has never asked her out. Mi-jung, the youngest, is an introvert. She has a hard time at work and all her boyfriends have been "assholes". "I’m exhausted. I don’t know when it all started to go wrong. Every relationship feels like work. Every moment that I’m awake feels like work. Nothing ever happens...,” she says. But she is about to shake things up. With two episodes down, this K-drama looks promising.—Nipa Charagi

The King's Man (Disney+ Hotstar)

The latest entry in the entertaining, if ludicrous, Kingsmen franchise comes to streaming in India. This one takes place during World War I and features several actual historical figures. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Harris Dickinson and Rhys Ifans as Rasputin.

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