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New on Shelves: 5 new books that make for good winter reads

From a retelling of fairy tales set in a world grappling with climate change to a historical narrative of Naga warriors and a book of easy vegan recipes, here are five new titles to read

Front covers of the featured books
Front covers of the featured books

The Indian Vegan: By Sonal Ved, Harper Collins India, 144 pages, Rs. 999
A vegan at the table might cause all sorts of fears about what to dish up but Sonal Ved’s The Indian Vegan shows that Indian culinary traditions are synonymous with veganism. With recipes from across the country—Ladakh to Kerala—this book makes going vegan seem a piece of (butter-free) cake. 

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His Majesty’s Headhunters: By Mmhonlümo Kikon, Penguin Random House India, 256 pages, Rs. 599 
India’s involvement in World War II is now coming to light, told by Indian historians based on stories of Indian soldiers. Mmhonlümo Kikon’s His Majesty’s Headhunters is an account of the siege of Kohima, when Naga warriors decided the outcome of the Allied soldiers’ stand against Japan. 

When Fairyland Lost Its Magic: By Bijal Vacharajani and Rajiv Eipe, Harper Collins India, 120 pages, Rs. 499 
The powers of writing and illustration combine in Bijal Vachharajani’s and Rajiv Eipe’s retelling of the fairy tales of princesses, princes, witches and wizards but in a world racked by climate change. Ogres and evil stepmothers are the least of one’s worries in When Fairyland Lost Its Magic.

The Assamese: A Portrait Of A Community: By Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty, Aleph Book Company, 480 pages, Rs. 999 
Journalist Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty delves into the origins of the Ahoms, the Assamese language, the region’s culture, beliefs, food and practices and the role the Brahmaputra has played in people’s lives. 

The Bill Gates Problem: Reckoning With The Myth Of The Good Billionaire: By Tim Schwab, Metropolitan Books/Penguin Random House India, 496 pages, Rs. 2,552
Author Tim Schwab combines reporting and storytelling to show that the outcome of good intentions may not always be for the greater good, and asks crucial questions about the super-rich using philanthropy to gain political power. 

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