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New on Shelves: 5 new books to read this month

From a no-waste cookbook, to a gripping journalistic deep dive into how facial recognition tech is reshaping lives, titles to pick up this month

Front covers of the books.
Front covers of the books.

Your Face Belongs To Us—The Secretive Startup Dismantling Your Privacy: By Kashmir Hill, Simon & Schuster India, 336 pages, Rs. 799

Technology journalist Kashmir Hill tells the story of Clearview AI, an American tech company selling software that can identify anyone using just a photo of their face. Hill explores how the facial recognition tech is reshaping our lives, and how its built-in racial and gender biases could affect us, leading to a dystopian future.

Rescuing a River Breeze: By Mrinalini Harchandrai, Bloomsbury India, 304 pages, Rs. 599

It’s the Goa of 1961 and 13-year-old Shirly Quarachim’s carefree school days and outings to her father’s mine are cut short abruptly. As war looms, her father is arrested on charges of treason. In this work of historical fiction about people reconfiguring their identities and nationhood, Shirly has to deal with resistance fighters, a sadistic police officer, and more. 

Living in Dreamtime: By Usha and illustrated by Salil Sojwal, Niyogi Books, 124 pages, Rs. 299

This children’s book is a love story between Parina, a dolphin, and Borick, a walrus. Parina meets Borick and others when she is left in the ocean after her human master’s death. Over time, Borick is inspired to go on a quest for knowledge; Parina continues to miss her life on land. Accompanied by dreamy illustrations by Salil Sojwal. 

The No Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey: By Arina Suchde, HarperCollins India, 299 pages, Rs. 299

Chef Arina Suchde’s book comes with ancient and modern wisdom to creatively revive and use vegetable scraps and leftovers. A wholesome guide to getting started on a zero-waste journey, the book has 75 recipes, for dishes as well as cocktails. It also features tips to shop and meal-plan, making the zero-waste life doable. 

Madam Commissioner—The Extraordinary Life of an Indian Police Chief: By Meeran Chadha Borwankar, PanMacmillan India, Rs. 699

An account of the career of Meeran Chadha Borwankar, who retired as director general of the Bureau of Police Research and Development and the National Crime Records Bureau. Detailing her four decades in Indian law enforcement, the book touches upon big moments, like overseeing actor Sanjay Dutt’s imprisonment and terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s execution. 

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