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Mind games

Wary of meditation? Don’t believe in its virtues? Here’s your answer

A Monk’s Guide To Happiness (Hachette,  <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>499)
A Monk’s Guide To Happiness (Hachette, 499)

Like many 21-year-olds, Gelong Thubten was living the fast life—until he could not any more. Born in London, he dropped out of a degree course in English literature from Oxford University and headed to New York City to embark on an acting career. Soon, in his own words, he was “burning the candle at both ends". Following a breakdown, he decided to retreat to a Buddhist monastery in Scotland. Eventually, he was ordained as a monk and is now, after over 25 years of study and training, recognized as one of the leading authorities on mindfulness meditation. Currently, his clients range from Silicon Valley billionaires to Hollywood celebrities. In A Monk’s Guide To Happiness (Hachette, 499), Thubten distils his learnings for those who are wary, sceptical, terrified or frustrated by meditation. His simple steps, bolstered by pep talk, will help you overcome any hesitation and make the leap.

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