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Looking for books to read? Here are 4 new engaging titles

From mythology and children's tales to a portrait of a community and motivating stories of leaders in entertainment and business, these four new titles will keep you hooked

Four new books for your home library
Four new books for your home library

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Epic Loves: Stories from the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata, Ashok Banker, Speaking Tiger, 352 pages, 499

Ashok Banker, known for fiction based on Indian epics, now brings five great love stories from the Adi Parva, the Mahabharat’s first section. These range from the iconic tale of Shakuntala and Dushyanta to Bhishma and Amba’s brief meeting. 

The Anglo-Indians: A Portrait of a Community, Barry O'Brien, Aleph Book Co., 568 pages, 999

This Barry O’Brien book dips into the culture, heritage and social lives of the Anglo-Indian community. Four sections traverse the beginnings of colonialism and spotlight the lives of those who left, and those who stayed and contributed to modern India. 

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Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away, Annie Duke, Penguin Random House India, 336 pages, 799

Annie Duke’s new book draws from stories of leaders in entertainment, sport and the corporate world to suggest that quitting well can lead to success. To this end, it offers strategies for, and nuanced learnings about, it. 

The Enchanted Cottage, Ruskin Bond, HarperCollins India, 60 pages, 699

One of the most prolific writers of our times, Ruskin Bond is back with another book for children. This mystery drama, illustrated by Sucharita Sengupta Suri, is set in a cottage in the hills where something sad seems to linger. 

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