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How to win

A classic of self-help literature reissued after 90 years

The Concise Law Of Success (Hachette,  <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>299)
The Concise Law Of Success (Hachette, 299)

In the pantheon of self-help, the name of Napoleon Hill shines bright. Born in 1883, he is one of the earliest proponents of the genre, best known for his 1937 classic Think And Grow Rich. First published 90 years ago, The Concise Law Of Success, recently reissued (Hachette, 299), is a classic of its kind. Structured as a course “on the fundamentals of Success", it guides you on ways of cultivating the habit of saving, developing a “pleasing personality", enhancing the power of concentration, and so on. While telling you what’s wrong and right about your current attitude, he peppers the chapters with possible business ideas. Combine this book with its companion volume, The Science Of Success (Hachette, 299), also recently reissued. The latter brings together Hill’s uncollected columns as well as articles on him by other experts.

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