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How to be house proud and happy in lockdown

#StayHome and make the most of your living arrangements

Penguin Random House India,  <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>980, digital price
Penguin Random House India, 980, digital price

These days, home is no longer the place where just the heart is—it’s where life, work and everything in between also is. It’s the perfect time, therefore, for Michelle Ogundehin’s new book, Happy Inside (Penguin Random House India, 980, digital price), to release.

As its subtitle promises, it teaches you How To Harness The Power Of Home For Health And Happiness. Beautifully designed, this is a volume to savour slowly. The former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration UK, Ogundehin gives expert advice, distilled from her years of proximity with the world’s top designers.

Apart from the nuts and bolts for creating the best possible home, she drops little gems along the way, culled from Zen philosophers and Japanese aesthetics. Sample this: It’s not that there’s less space in our homes, she explains, only more stuff we can get rid of.

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