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From a book on Ayodhya to one on Parsi culture and cuisine: 4 new books to read this week

A list of new books that will keep you up with your reading goals

The front covers of the four titles.

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Winning Middle India: The Story Of India’s New-Age Entrepreneurs, published by  Penguin Random House India, 304 pages, Rs. 599

For over two decades, upper class Indians have used technology to improve their lives. “Middle India” needs similar access, too, say the authors, meeting entrepreneurs who try and use technology to make this possible.

Mansur: A Novel, published by Pan Macmillan India, 176 pages, Rs. 599

Set in the 17th century, this book of historical and literary fiction is about Mansur, an artist in emperor Jahangir’s court. He is to travel to deliver a precious commission from empress Nur Jahan—but not before he is drawn into a web of secrets and rivalries. 

Parsi: From Persia to Bombay: Recipes & Tales from the Ancient Culture, published by Bloomsbury, 386 pages, Rs. 2,099

A London-based chef rediscovers his roots as a Parsi through his ancestors’ culinary traditions. A book that’s about food and also his culture and family, the recipes are an homage to his youth and a celebration of culture and cuisine. 

Ayodhya : A City Divided: Past and Present, published by HarperCollins India, 296 pages, Rs. 499

Journalist Sutapa Mukherjee’s book is informed by her visits to Ayodhya for over two decades, contextualises the civilisational conflict that hangs over the town, and ends with an account of the Babri Masjid demolition. 

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