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4 new books for the rainy spell

Office work culture, public health super heroes, and Tamil poet Subramania Bharati's only novella – this week's titles are good moonsoon reads

The front covers of the books
The front covers of the books (Team Lounge)

The Chariot of Wisdom; translated by Gregory James; Hachette India, 248 pages, 499.
Tamil poet Subramania Bharati’s only novella blends insight with humour. Set in British India, it explores themes of colonisation, corruption, and the individual’s pursuit of peace of mind. 

Office Secrets: 50 Human Truths You Should Absolutely Know; by Harish Bhat; Penguin Business, 256 pages, 399.
Harish Bhat, a Mint columnist, has always advised putting people before strategy at the workplace. In this compilation of his columns, Tongue-in-Cheek, from the last decade, he examines work culture and life at the office.

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Foreign Bodies: Pandemics, Vaccines and the Health of Nations; by Simon Schama; Simon & Schuster India, 472 pages, 899.
Pandemics occur with cyclical regularity, yet “outsiders” have always been blamed for them. Simon Schama examines this unreasonable hate through history—and the public health heroes who fought disease and bigotry.

Who Killed Moosewala? The Spiralling Story of Violence in Punjab; by Jupinderjit Singh; Westland Books, 195 pages, 499.
A year after Punjabi rap star Sidhu Moosewala was killed, Jupinderjit Singh, a crime reporter who has followed the ongoing investigation, puts together the story so far. A choppily written account, it’s a book for fans of the musician.

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