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4 books you should be reading this week

From mindful living to the rise of a leader, history and more, here are some books to add to your must-read list

Books to look out for
Books to look out for

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Slow is beautiful: The ultimate art journal for mindful living through nature, published by Penguin India, 176 pages, 599

If you plan to start journaling in the new year, design educator Ahlawat Gunjan’s “ultimate art journal for mindful living through nature” can be an entry point. With prompts and nature-inspired watercolours, it guides you to write, draw, experiment and create. 

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Rishi Sunak: The Rise, published by Hachette India, 376 pages, 699.

The pandemic years witnessed Rishi Sunak’s rise. Michael Ashcroft’s book charts his ascent, tracing his years at Oxford, Silicon Valley, and to the top of British politics, with a focus on his handling of the UK’s economic crisis.

And how do you feel about that: Breakdowns and breakthroughs in the therapy room, published by Penguin India, 376 pages, 350

Therapists Aruna Gopakumar and Yashodhara Lal draw on their experience to explain therapy, bust myths and taboos, and talk about the psychological issues with which Indians struggle. This book is also a window into the minds of therapists.

The Mahatma on celluloid, published by HarperCollins, 372 pages, 599.

Prakash Magdum delves into archives in India and abroad and interviews filmmakers for a series of essays about short films and newsreels on M.K. Gandhi. A history of the freedom struggle through film, as well as rare films from a time gone by. 

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