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Lounge Loves: A football book, new perfume, and more

This week, we spotlight an Instagram account that helps you develop a better relationship with food, a re-mix of The Beatles' Revolver, and more

Some of the things that Team Lounge loved this week.
Some of the things that Team Lounge loved this week.

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Dealing with binge eating 

If you are aware that you don’t have the best relationship with food and turn to starch and sugar to deal with stress, sadness, hurt or anger, online resources and communities could help. One resource I discovered recently is Break Binge Eating, a website started by Jake Linardon, a senior research fellow at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Linardon, who also runs an Instagram account, approaches eating disorders with kindness, compassion, and, yes, good science, laying out the reason why we develop them (overvaluation of shape and size, extreme dietary restraint, emotional health) and how to manage these in simple, practical terms. Definitely worth following if you tend to eat your feelings, struggle with late-night eating, go through starve-binge cycles or tie your worth to how much you weigh (yes, I am guilty of it all). —Preeti Zachariah

Yesterday, once more

As the 50th anniversary decade of The Beatles came and went, their label, Apple, released “super deluxe” editions of their best albums. These included studio outtakes that allowed fans to hear how the band crafted songs. The only major album that missed this treatment was Revolver from 1966. Until now. The new deluxe edition of probably their best album is a delight. Just to hear how Yellow Submarine morphed from a sad John Lennon ballad to the romping Ringo Starr singalong we all know is worth the price of admission alone. The re-mix of the main album isn’t as groundbreaking, but the alternate takes and the original mono mix are fantastic! —Bibek Bhattacharya

Footy stories 

What does football mean to people around the world? The question becomes important ahead of the Fifa World Cup in Qatar, at a time when the tournament is shrouded in controversies. American journalist Franklin Foer’s How Football Explains The World, published in 2004, holds some answers. Foer, a former editor of The New Republic magazine, presents an interchange between football and the new global economy in this 288-page travelogue that takes you from Bosnia to Brazil, shedding light on emotionally charged football rivalries, the influence of oligarchs, culture wars and hooliganism—using the beautiful game to look at issues that impact all of us. —Nitin Sreedhar

Pine for me

Iam a sucker for new fragrances (especially if they don’t cost an arm and a leg), and, of late, Instagram has helpfully been showing me ads for a number of new Indian perfumes, colognes, solid perfumes and sprays. The description of Doon Deodars by Wow Skin Science finally had me reaching for my wallet—it promised crisp and woody tones with notes of bergamot, nutmeg and cedarwood. I have been using it for a week now, and while the gentle cologne-y scent doesn’t have great sillage (the perfume “trail”) or longevity, it is undoubtedly pleasant to wear on the skin, and, indeed, subtly reminiscent of pine trees and crisp mornings. The company would do well to introduce samplers for its entire range, though, letting users try out the other perfumes, like Gulmarg Mist, Darjeeling Dew and Tanjore Twilight. —Shrabonti Bagchi


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