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Lounge Loves: a DIY Youtube channel, cats, bao and more

Things to watch, read, hear, do—and other curated experiences from the team

Bao (iStockphoto)

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Got Bao, will eat

I remember the first time I sampled a bao. I had accompanied a colleague for a food review to a Chinese restaurant in Mumbai. The baos presented in a bamboo steamer looked like cousins of the humble modak. But unlike modaks, they were spongy yet slightly chewy, with a juicy meat filling. They quickly joined my list of favourites. So, when I saw Prasuma’s ready-to-cook bao on the online portal Meatigo, I ordered a packet of BBQ chicken bao buns—it contains six pieces. 

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As the instructions suggested, it didn’t take more than five-seven minutes to cook. The buns were fluffy, the meat filling adequate, and the bao was slightly chewy but not sticky. While the baos come in five variations, my favourite is the sweet-saltiness of BBQ chicken—Rashmi Menon

The prince and the king

Born To Rule: When Charles Is King.
Born To Rule: When Charles Is King.

The Prince Who Talked To Flowers—the headline immediately grabs your attention. It’s a 30 May episode from NBC’s Keir Simmons’ podcast Born To Rule: When Charles Is King. The reference is to Charles once remarking that he talks to plants—and that they respond. While the British press might have had a field day, Charles has been talking about the environment for 50 years now, well before it became a buzzword. In this episode, Simmons talks to experts on whether there is a tension between who Charles has been (as a prince) and who he must be as king. Take, for instance, a 1984 speech in which he called the proposed redesign of the National Gallery a monstrous carbuncle! As king, will he shake up the monarchy?—Nipa Charagi

A wistful escape

The Cottage Fairy
The Cottage Fairy

Somewhere between a busy day and a troublesome imposter syndrome, I discovered The Cottage Fairy. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it is, in fact, a YouTube channel by Paola Merrill. She gives viewers a glimpse of life in the countryside, with close-ups of bees buzzing over flowers and panoramic shots of mountainsides and gurgling rivers. There are also videos on DIY projects of making paper, dyeing fabric and baking cookies. She started posting these videos during the pandemic, topic no bar. 

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One of my favourites is about how wise children can be: In it, she talks about a little boy who told her that “more than anything in the world, he wanted to be a star in the night sky, so that people may wish on him”.—Jahnabee Borah

The world of meows

Lola and Pops
Lola and Pops (Instagram)

Confession: When I am sad, stressed, or lonely, I need a cat (or several) to get me past it. Unfortunately, my cats aren’t always very obliging. Enter cat videos, the next best thing to an armful of real floof. Instagram is filled with these videos, many focusing on the rather supercilious thoughts and inner lives of various feisty felines. One of my favourites is @lola_and_popps, which chronicles the adventures, misadventures and thoughts of Lola and Poppy, two British kitties, a grey tabby and a ginger one, with gloriously snotty expressions as well as great accessories. And it looks like the account is going to get even better. Three days ago, the family expanded to include a new kitten, Leo, aka Gilgamesh Wintersouls,—Preeti Zachariah


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