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Liven up the week with art, music, food

A bit of hip hop, some art, and special Navratri meals to round off this festive season

Watch ‘Ek Punjab Ye Bhi’ at the NCPA.

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A LITTLE BIT OF PUNJAB IN MUMBAI: Four stories from Ali Akbar Natiq’s collection, Qaim Deen, evoke the spirit of rural Punjab in the play Ek Punjab Ye Bhi. Hailed as a modern-day Saadat Hasan Manto, Natiq’s writings are a commentary on superstition, patriarchy and misogyny. The stories often conclude with unforeseen twists. You could term his work dark but it is also imbued with wit and hilarity that shine the spotlight on human folly. Experimental Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, 3 April, 7pm

SOCIAL will be hosting a Navratri feast.
SOCIAL will be hosting a Navratri feast.

A SPECIAL NAVRATRI MENU: SOCIAL has curated a limited-edition “The Nine Nights” menu to celebrate the festive season. The spread features a mix of traditional favourites and dishes with a fun twist. You can choose from kuttu paneer pakoda, Navratri khichdi, sabudana and water chestnut vada, and more. Or, opt for a wholesome meal with the thali. Available at select SOCIAL outlets in Delhi for dine-in and delivery from 2-10 April

SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT ON HIP HOP: This Sunday, Yung Raja will take the stage at RCB Bar & Cafe, as part of its flagship showcase 560001. This is the third edition of the event, which hopes to bring the best of hip hop to Bengaluru. Besides Raja, a well-known Singaporean-Tamil rapper and songwriter, the lineup includes Clifr and Tin Tin, Rudy Mukta and Rahul Avadhani. RCB Bar & Cafe, Church Street, Bengaluru, 3 April, 4pm

Philippe Calia's solo show will be held at Tarq. 
Philippe Calia's solo show will be held at Tarq. 

MEMORY AS ART: Philippe Calia engages with objects and institutions of memory. In his new solo at Tarq, titled Lēthē, he employs photochemigrams, cyanotypes, and video. The title references the mythical river that induced forgetfulness in all those who drank from it. Tarq, Mumbai, from 7 April. The gallery is open from Tuesday-Saturday

Amshu Chukki's show is on at Chatterjee & Lal. 
Amshu Chukki's show is on at Chatterjee & Lal. 

CINEMATIC NARRATIVES: Chatterjee & Lal is hosting an exhibition of wire sculptures, film stills and more by the Bengaluru-based contemporary artist Amshu Chukki. Titled Different Danny And Other Stories, this latest series explores the idea of human labour and its relationship with cinema and the metropolis. Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai, till 9 April, 11am-7pm (Tuesday-Saturday)

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