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Liven up the week ahead with these 3 events

Ranging from art shows to special menus, these three events promise to add a touch of vibrance to the days ahead

A special meal at the Oota Bengaluru
A special meal at the Oota Bengaluru

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A harvest celebration

The Oota Bengaluru has curated a special meal to celebrate Makar Sankranti. The idea is to showcase long-lost vegetarian recipes alongside innovative dishes. The meal starts with the mavinakai bella panaka, a raw mango and jaggery cooler infused with cardamom. This is followed by starters such as the avarekalu masala vade, a combination of hyacinth beans and soaked dal with fresh herbs. The mains too highlight seasonal produce in dishes such as the madikekaalu palya, an Uttara Karnataka preparation of sprouts, onions, green chillies and curry leaves. End on a sweet note with agasi undi, made with flax seed, coconut and jaggery. At Oota Bengaluru, Whitefield, Bengaluru, till 15 January, noon-3pm

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At the opening of the exhibition, 'Muzaffar'
At the opening of the exhibition, 'Muzaffar'

From film to canvas

Film-maker Muzaffar Ali is showcasing a selection of his paintings, collages, sketches and designed objects at Bikaner House in Delhi. The eponymous exhibition, hosted by Masha Art, has been curated by Uma Nair. This is a rare opportunity to view the depth of Ali’s creative work beyond cinema.“The artworks stand testimony to the beauty of the universe and Muzaffar’s love for his own experience hinged on the beauty of the earth,” Nair noted at the opening. The works, spread across 11 rooms, are titled maqaams, or spiritual stations. They trace the film-maker’s preoccupation with paint and brush since the 1980s. ‘Muzaffar Ali’ can be viewed at Bikaner House, Delhi, till 21 January, 11am-7 pm (all days)

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From 'Architectonics'
From 'Architectonics'

Art and architecture

Palette Art Gallery is hosting a group show, ‘Architectonics’, featuring works by artists such as Joydip Acharjee, Sharad Sonkusale, Anil Thambai, and Narayan Biswas. The exhibition draws on the relationship between art and architecture, with each artist inviting the viewer to make their own reading of the works. “The combination of materials, weight, light and form, are all potentials that can be greater than the sum of its parts leading to the creation of tension and mystery. It is in this mystery through which our imagination is activated, enabling us to relate, contextualize and go beyond our physical experience,” states the curatorial note. On view at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi, till 25 January, 11 am to 7 pm

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