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Immerse yourself in art and culture with these 3 events

From an immersive street festival to a mammoth showcase of 100 Indian artists, the week ahead promises to high on art

An artwork by Vrindavan Solanki
An artwork by Vrindavan Solanki

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100 artists under one roof

A unique exhibition, ‘The Art of India’ is bringing together nearly 150 artworks by 100 Indian artists. This is the second edition of the show, which has been curated by Tarana Khubchandani, director, Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai. This year, the exhibition is themed around ‘inclusion and diversity’, and the lineup includes artists and practices, some spanning eight decades, from different parts of the country. “The Art of India show highlights prominent Bengal Masters, as well as pays an ode to the artists who laid the foundation and substratum at a time when Indian art was still nascent,” states the curatorial note. One can see works by masters like Akbar Padamsee, Ambadas, CN Karunakaran, Jeram Patel, Jai Zharotia, Prabhakar Barwe, Rabin Mondal, Ram Kumar, and Vasant Wankhede, who are no longer with us, but have left indelible imprints on Indian art history. The Art of India show can be viewed at Snowball Studios, Worli, Mumbai, between 19-25 March, 10 am to 6.30 pm

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An earlier mural by Andha Ras at St+Art Mumbai 2022
An earlier mural by Andha Ras at St+Art Mumbai 2022

A street art festival

The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art is collaborating with St+art India Foundation on a unique street festival. Titled the Lodhi Festival, this two-day celebration will include live murals, performances, curated walks and community activities within the Lodhi Art District. Some of the highlights include murals by two artists, Paolo Delfin of Mexico and Andha Ras from Malaysia, who have been especially chosen for the festival. There will also be a shadow installation by urban artist Daku, besides a series of workshops. Visitors will get to experience different performing art styles from across India, such as the Lavani, besides acts by Karsh Kale, Omaggio and the Manganiyar Seduction. To take place at the Lodhi Art District, New Delhi, between 18-19 March, 2023.

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A work by Manjit Bawa
A work by Manjit Bawa

The art of printmaking

Dhoomimal Art Gallery is shining the spotlight on printmaking with its new exhibition, Of Divergent Practices: The Trajectory of Printmaking. Curated by Ina Puri and designed by Reha Sodhi, the exhibit will showcase a range of works, from non-representational prints to the minimalist artworks inspired by Japanese aesthetics. “The show aims to provide the viewer with an in-depth perspective on the trajectory of this significant genre that deserves to be more firmly a part of the mainstream,” states the gallery note. The exhibition can be viewed at the Dhoomimal Art Gallery from 19 March to 25 March.

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