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How to Lounge this weekend

A niche perfume store in Delhi, a watch auction and art exhibition in Mumbai, and a thriller has our attention this weekend. Plus, a quick chat with designer Aparna Chandra

The Scentido store in Delhi’s Khan Market.
The Scentido store in Delhi’s Khan Market.

Just arrived

Even if you walk past the entrance of the Scentido store in Delhi’s Khan Market, which opened last week, your nose will guide you to it. That heady cocktail of fragrances—from dry and powdery, sensual and woody to sweet and floral—is unmissable. The store specializes in niche fragrances, with over 120 scents from seven brands; the prices range from 6,000 to 2.23 lakh. Among the brands is Roja Parfums, a personal favourite of founder Shishir Mehta. The brand releases less than 100 bottles a year: the pièce de résistance is a perfume containing gold leaves. —PKS

Scentido, Shop No.54B, Khan Market.

State of the art

Ritesh Meshram’s latest sculptures fashioned out of steel and wood embody "shabby chic" (as art critic Girish Shahane puts it). Elemental shapes meet political intent, blurring the line between serious device and playful toy. In his solo exhibition, In The Womb Of The Land, ongoing at Chemould Prescott Road (till 11 October), Mumbai, the artist has a series called Collection Of Toys. It references artefacts from the Indus Valley Civilization with emphasis on form rather than function. The piece is marked at 1 lakh, and the entire set of six costs 5.5 lakh. —BF

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Auction alert

If keeping time is your only objective, don’t buy a watch. Mobile phones will do just fine. But online auction house AstaGuru’s forthcoming sale on 24-25 September is for connoisseurs who collect old mechanical watches for their craftsmanship. On offer are 70 pieces, including an English Bracket Clock by John Taylor, dating back to 1810, and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak-Sachin Tendulkar limited edition series. —PKS

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Page turner

The Mystery Of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah (HarperCollins Publishers, 399)

For seasoned fans of Agatha Christie, there’s a treasure trove left behind by the queen of crime fiction. But thanks to British writer Sophie Hannah, Christie lives on through a new Hercule Poirot mystery published every alternate year since 2014. Appointed by the estate of Christie to carry forth her legacy, Hannah has written two novels with the Belgian detective in the lead. The Mystery of Three Quarters, out in India this month, is the third. In this page-turner, Poirot is accused of sending letters to some people, blaming them for the murder of one Barnabas Pandy. A perfect excuse to spend the weekend in bed. —SG

Snap chat with Aparna Chandra

Design head (clothing), Nicobar

Chandra on her love for flowers and her first collection for the lifestyle brand as an independent designer.

Describe ‘Midnight Wonderland’ in three words.

Magical, sensual, playful.

What makes poppy the collection’s hero motif?

The concept (of ‘Midnight Wonderland’) was really built on my obsession with flowers. The colour of poppy and its modest yet striking shape always draws me to it.

What’s one standout aspect of the designs?

It has been designed so that every bottom can be paired with every top and jacket—that’s a lot of ensembles from one collection!

Pick a favourite from the line.

The floral brocade jacket—if I have it in my wardrobe, I know I will wear it forever.

What’s your take on festive dressing?

Lots of colour and jewellery is a must. But what really takes over occasion dressing for me is flowers in hair.


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