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How to Lounge this Weekend

Here's what has our attention this weekend

Kunal Rawal.
Kunal Rawal.

Snapchat with Kunal Rawal

The celebrity designer on his first online capsule collection Kunal Rawal X KOOVS, the inspiration behind the collection and menswear. Edited excerpts:

What inspired the collection?

It’s become evident in recent years that men are open to experimentation with their fashion choices; it’s slower but surer. It inspires me. It is a really exciting time to be involved in menswear. Men are far more aware and confident of what they want to wear and which colours work for them.

The Kunal Rawal X KOOVS collection is about pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, for multiple occasions that work with different personalities, which makes the collection super versatile.

You have also created backpacks for this collection...

Yes, it’s the first time I’ve created backpacks. I’m a backpack person, naturally it’s something I wanted to incorporate in the collection. They are super convenient for the fast-paced city life.

What’s the fixation with oversized clothes?

There aren’t many oversized pieces in this collection, other than an oversized shirt. I’ve observed that people like the oversized fit when they fall well on the shoulders and arms while retaining the boxy look at the torso. Long line lengths also work well with an oversized fit.

We work a lot with long line silhouettes and styles; it’s something that comes naturally to me and works well even with contemporary street wear.

What’s trending currently in menswear?

Men out there are looking for styles to match their aesthetic, pieces that resonate with their sensibilities. Certain styles and trends that work very well on men and what I personally love is tone on tone, thread work, use of different textures and modern fabric. The play of cuts and patterns and garment construction is something that we always focus on.

Is menswear more challenging than womenswear?

It’s definitely more exciting. As a designer, the parameters to play with are narrower, but that’s what excites me.

Available on; prices start from 599—PKS

(Disclaimer: HT Media Ltd, the publisher of Hindustan Times and Mint, is an investor in Koovs)

Just Arrived

Nestled amid luxurious design stores, fashion boutiques, salons and restaurants at The Chanakya mall in Delhi, Paro is positioned as an urban sanctuary. The newest venture from Good Earth, this conceptual space is an ode to personal luxury and self-love, drawing from the Indian edicts of living by nature and seasonality. The space is dedicated to different aspects of well-being. Organic sleepwear, buckwheat pillows and specially commissioned mattresses share space with soothing lavender fragrances and yoga accessories in the Nidra (sleep) section. In the Botanica section, one can find essential oils, fragrances and herbs. Other assortments include pottery and brass utensils, décor items, handloom apparel and a jewellery section which boasts an exclusive capsule by the Jaipur-based jewellery brand Gem Palace. Founders Anita Lal and her daughter Simran Lal envision Paro as a space for sharing knowledge—Shanthi is a library which will also serve as a space for lecture-demonstrations and workshops in the coming months.—SD

On a platter

Sample a five-course Spanish meal crafted by Michelin-starred chefs Miguel Barrera Barrachina and Ignacio Solana Perez at the Taj hotels. You can also opt for The Spanish Extravaganza gala, which includes dishes from “Paella Master" Santi Almuiña, and tapas experts along with flamenco performances. On till 25 November at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, and from 30 November–2nd December at Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi. Price 4,500 (gala); 9,500 (Michelin meal). Phone, 022-66653310/011-66566162 —VC

Page Turner

The Crimes Of Grindelwald: The Original Screenplay by JK Rowling

(Little, Brown; 440)

In J.K. Rowling’s magical universe, Gellert Grindelwald was the original dark wizard—a slightly more benign version of “our" Dark Lord, Voldemort. Grindelwald is the subject of the second film in the Fantastic Beasts timeline, and with the movie The Crimes Of Grindelwald already in theatres, it’s a bit of a mystery why this book, the screenplay of the film, exists. But true fans are not complaining. Beautifully produced with original sketches by MinaLima, graphic designers for all JKR film adaptations, the book has value as a collector’s item, if not as something you’ll actually read.—SB

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