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Don't miss: 4 food and art events in the week ahead

This week, celebrate folk music with a unique virtual festival, find the most decadent desserts to gift your sibling or attend a design-led exhibition about Mumbai's Khotachi Wadi

‘Contrast’ by La Folie

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Say it with chocolate

Nothing spells love like chocolate. To celebrate Rakshabandhan, La Folie, Mumbai, has come up with a special collection, Contrast, featuring chocolate bonbons with contrasting flavours and colours—the common thread being dark chocolate. The different flavours capture the diverse nature of relationships that siblings share.There is Hands Off My Chocolate, a blend of 70% chocolate and Calamansi vegan meringue piece; and Partner-in-Crime, which features blue cheese and chocolate walnut praline. One offering all siblings will be able to relate to is Mom Loves Me More, a bonbon with peanut butter, miso praline and raspberry chilli gel. ‘Contrast’ by La Folie is available in boxes of 6, 10 and 20, on

Baul singer Kanai Das
Baul singer Kanai Das

Supporting folk art

The Teamwork Fine Arts Society is holding the third edition of I Believe Art Matters. The 2022 event, being held virtually, focuses on folk art and honours artists who are carrying forward the legacy of age-old traditions. The event, presented by the Sheela Kanoria Foundation, is an effort to support, document and preserve folk traditions that an increasingly digital world seems to be leaving behind. By hosting artists like Baul singer Kanai Das, Sufi folk singer Mooralala Marwada and the Kutch Folk Musicians, the organisers hope to create a space for folk traditions in the virtual world as well. One also gets to hear the Ao Naga Choir from Nagaland. The performances can be viewed on till 26 August

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‘This Ground, Plus: Khotachi Wadi’ 
‘This Ground, Plus: Khotachi Wadi’ 

Khotachi Wadi in the spotlight

‘This Ground, Plus: Khotachi Wadi’, is a design-led exhibition by C&L design, an an initiative by Mortimer Chatterjee & Tara Lal of Chatterjee & Lal. The show, on view at 47-A, Mumbai, views the history of Khotachi Wadi, located in south Mumbai's Girgaum, through an interdisciplinary lens. So, you have architecture, culinary history, speculative art, early street photography and product design being represented in the show. ‘This Ground, Plus’ has been curated by academic and local resident André Baptista, bringing together voices and stories of generations of residents from the area. The distinctiveness of Khotachi Wadi is threatened by the erasure of its 19th and early 20th century bungalows and chawls. ‘This Ground, Plus: Khotachi Wadi’ can be viewed at 47-A, Mumbai, till 9 September

‘Happy Sweets’
‘Happy Sweets’

A healthy binge

If you want to binge this festive season without putting on the calories, then opt for ‘Happy Sweets’, a newly-launched dessert category by NOTO. It combines traditional techniques with healthy ingredients. On offer are ‘halwai-style sweets’, from pedas and laddoos to gulab jamun and rasagulla, but made with zero sugar. Visit

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