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Delhi to turn into an art zone for a week

The inaugural edition of the Delhi Art Week will be dividing the city into four segments, featuring 37 galleries, two museums and four art institutions

Text/Matters: DAW at the Serendipity Arts Foundation

Come 3 April, Delhi will be divided into four art zones, featuring 37 galleries, two museums and four art institutions. This is part of the inaugural edition of a new art collaboration, Delhi Art Week (DAW), which hopes to bring public and private art institutions together to inject fresh energy into the Capital’s art scene. The week-long celebration of art includes talks, walkthroughs and nearly 50 exhibitions featuring 250 artists. According to the co-organisers, Tariq Allana of Art Heritage, Sunaina Anand of Art Alive and Reena Lath of Akar Prakar, DAW aims to engage and energise established and emerging collectors and enthusiasts, leading to a self-sustaining model for the art community.

Akar Prakar, for one, is revisiting works by Jayashree Chakravarty which have been showcased by two museums, under the curatorial vision of Abby Chen at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, and Roobina Karode of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) in Delhi. “We have had the opportunity to showcase a single-work installation by one of our favourite artists as part of an online exhibition with the Asia week, New York, along with a physical project at the KNMA Noida,” says Lath. “This is a very exciting project which was created in 2003; it has a sister work at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, and it is as monumental as the one in India.” This can be viewed as part of Unfoldings: The Route Map Of Experience at KNMA, Noida till 15 April.

The fact that these works are being showcased by two museums across the globe at the same time, despite the restrictions of the pandemic, shows how art can serve to unite across geographical boundaries. Akar Prakar, in its physical space, is also showing works by Manish Pushkale, a mid-career artist, poet and writer, and a protege of S.H. Raza.

Art Alive will open Patterns Of Intensity, an exhibition of 11 emerging contemporary artists curated by Ranjit Hoskote. It will include works by Chandrashekar Koteshwar, who has a background in museology and works with terracotta. Then there is mixed media artist Kaushik Saha, who focuses on the concept of consumerism.

Those keen on attending can check the related activities on the dedicated portal,, which will feature an interactive map of the zones and a downloadable schedule.

Edition one of the Delhi Art Week will take place between 3-10 April.

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