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A week filled with drama, dining and plenty of art

From a heartwarming story about the Bose family to an unusual dining experience, we've got you covered for the week ahead

A scene from The Bose Legacy
A scene from The Bose Legacy

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The Bose family drama

The National Centre for the Performing Arts is presenting a heartwarming drama about the Bose family. ‘The Bose Legacy’ brings out the family’s close connection with India’s freedom struggle through letters sent to young Amiya Nath Bose by his father, Sarat Chandra Bose and uncle Subhash Chandra Bose, who were imprisoned or detained under some pretext or the other. They wrote to young Amiya often from prison cells and faraway land. “Many words were censored and lost, but some stayed, long after the people who wrote were gone, leaving behind a legacy that we read today,” mentions the artistic note. The play has been written by Nikhil Katara and Himali Kothari and stars Joy Sengupta, Asmit Pathare, Monica Mahendru, among others. 

The Bose Legacy will be staged at Experimental Theatre, the NCPA, Mumbai, on 8 October, 5 pm and 8 pm.

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Confronting identity-based injustice

Tarq will be hosting artist Sarah Naqvi’s first solo, ‘how many songs in a single note?’. The show includes video installation, tapestry, drawings, paintings and sculptures, each of which draws on the artist’s confrontation of identity-based injustice. “In an excerpt from the accompanying catalogue essay, curatorial advisor Shaunak Mahbubani notes, “Sarah straddles the interiority of trans-queer existence with the exteriority of a rapidly changing social landscape in the tense comfort of the domestic realm. In this assemblage created over four years, they propose tools, strategies, songs, and gestures to nurture multihued familial kinships as tender acts of survival in a world hurtling towards vapid homogeneity.” 

On view at Tarq, Colaba, Mumbai, between 13 October-19 November

A top-notch dining experience

The Lodhi, New Delhi, in collaboration with Culinary Culture, is all set to bring Aragu, one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants to the capital with a meal curated by Chef Gaushan De Silva at Perbacco. Located on Velaa Private Island in Maldives, the restaurant serves an Asian twist on modern European cuisine. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Chef De Silva has worked with iconic restaurants such as the Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, Noma in Copenhagen, and Edouard Loubet’s eponymous two-starred restaurant in Bonnieux. The selection will include mini hopper with coconut sour cream and Beluga caviar, Sri Lankan mud crab with miso emulsion and lemon peach, lobster Kandukukulhu with Kanamada chutney. 

On 13 October at the Lodhi, New Delhi, limited seats are available.

When time stands still

Shrine Empire is presenting Nirobodhi / Till Time Stands Still by Sarker Protick about the “sensorial temporalities of stillness’ that permeate political and personal histories. The artist has been working on the series since 2016 and his photographs present material memory of the Partition of Bengal, the archaeology of abandoned spaces, and more. “Working with Photography, Video and Sound, Protick's works are built on long-term surveys rooted in Bangladesh. The form and materiality of the works often morph into the physicality of time; its raptures and our inability to grasp or hold time, the process of image-making as the way to expand time, to make space for more melancholic moments, or more hints of an embodied life,” writes curator-researcher Tanzim Wahab in his note. 

On view at Shrine Empire, New Delhi, till 26 November

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