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4 food and art events that you shouldn't miss this week

From an eclectic Onam spread delivered to the comfort of your home to a group show around figurative art and a talk by TM Krishna, the week ahead has a lot in store

Onasadya in a box. Photo: iSTOCKPHOTO

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Savour Onam in a box

Beetroute, a home kitchen which delivers across the National Capital Region, promises an Onam feast like no other. Started by Rekha Natarajan in 2019, this ideas lab of sorts is all about delicious and thoughtful food. This Onam, Beetroute is putting together 23 dishes and a banana leaf, along with details about how to lay the plate/banana leaf and the order in which to eat the courses. “Traditionally the Onasadyas were centred around families sharing an elaborate festive meal together. Now because families are mostly nuclear units, this practice is slowly dying,” writes Natarajan. That’s where Beetroute steps in, offering the complete Sadya experience. Deliveries will take place in NCR from 7-11 September. For details, visit

‘Untitled’ by Manjit Bawa
‘Untitled’ by Manjit Bawa

Figurative art

Akara Art is presenting a group show, Follow/Unfollow, featuring works by artists like Manjit Bawa, Jogen Chowhury, Zarina Hashmi and Nalini Malani. The exhibition focuses on artists who have pioneered innovative forms of figuration, drawing on a wide range of influences, such as Ajanta murals, early Renaissance European paintings and pahari miniatures. “An important feature of the loosely knit groups of artists, who came to prominence in the 1970s, was the substantial representation among them of women,” says the curatorial note. At Akara Art, Mumbai, till 17 September, 11am-6.30pm (Tuesday-Saturday)

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‘The Flavourful Orientation’
‘The Flavourful Orientation’

A wholesome Asian meal

JW Cafe is presenting an immersive oriental gastronomic meal, titled ‘The Flavourful Orientation’. The curated menu features baos, poke, ramen bowls, sushi and a chef's special dessert. On offer are a choice of pork chicken and mushroom bowls, with a selection of sushi such as tiger tear uramaki, avocado cream cheese roll, and crunchy tuna roll, among others. Available at the JW Café, JW Marriott Sahar Mumbai

T.M. Krishna will be presenting the Edict Project
T.M. Krishna will be presenting the Edict Project

The Edict Project

Ashoka University is presenting the first edition of the Edict Project with Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna at the Ashoka University, Sonipat. This will feature a talk by historian Nayanjot Lahiri and Krishna about the possible meanings and teachings contained in Ashoka's public writings and decrees. The vocalist will also sing some of the verses by the ancient emperor. The Edict Project, which has been conceived in four parts, was envisioned to expand Ashoka’s teachings to expand this dialogue into other media. In each part a particular aspect of Ashoka's writing and thought will be discussed by Krishna and Lahiri. To be held at Dr. Reddy’s Auditorium, Ashoka University, Sonipat on 6 September, 6pm

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