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Why Chrissy Teigen is “done with dieting”

The American supermodel and cookbook author revealed that she is no longer giving in to the pressure of dieting

Chrissy Teigen at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards (Flickr)

American supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen recently revealed that she is no longer giving in to the pressure of dieting.

According to Fox News, the 35-year-old opened up about the kind of pressures women feel to maintain a certain body type. Teigen also talked about the idea that dieting is always good for one's health.

The mother of two told People magazine that the "ups and downs" of "dieting and diet culture" have all but turned her off.

The author of two cookbooks, Cravings and Cravings: Hungry for More, said in the publication's latest cover issue, "I've thrown all of that out of the window. I think now at this point in my life it's more important for me to enjoy things as they come."

Teigen also shared that these days, she's only pushing forward on what's "going to make [her] happy" and much of her happiness has to do with indulging in flavourful food.

"I eat things when I want them. Because if I don't, my mind personally goes crazy. I kind of put my mind over body a little bit, mind and spirit over body. If it's going to make me happy and make me feel good, then I indulge in it," said Teigen.

The Chrissy's Court host went on to say that she's already "lived a whole life" and moving forward, she wants to do away with the calorie-counting and enjoy herself as a mother, wife, provider and rock for the children. She is a parent to her four-year-old daughter Luna and two-year-old son Miles with husband Grammy winner John Legend.

Talking about how she has maintained her perfectly toned body for a long time, she said, "I've spent way too many years counting calories, scheduling way too many workouts and trying to figure out what my term for wellness was for myself. I've been trying to figure that out for so so long."

"Now I know that it's on the ground playing with my kids, getting out there, going to a park, going to an aquarium, being able to drive around with my kids in the car. That is activity for me and I enjoy doing things like that," added the supermodel.

    09.04.2021 | 11:00 AM IST

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