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Tune in to the go-getter’s guru’s first public webcast

A. Parthasarthy, the 93-year-old philosopher and founder of the Vedanta Academy, will host a public webcast for the first time on 26 July on the topic of 'Personal Rehabilitation'

A. Parthasarthy founded the Vedanta Academy in 1988.
A. Parthasarthy founded the Vedanta Academy in 1988.

Time magazine described him as a “man who adds new meaning to the phrase ‘Business Guru’".

A. Parthasarathy, 93, has been featured in leading publications such as Time, Businessweek, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and The Sunday Times, and CNN. In 1988, he founded the Vedanta Academy as an institution dedicated to the development of the human intellect. Located 108km south-east of Mumbai, nestled in the serene hills of Malavli, it is a place for the study, research and dissemination of Vedanta philosophy. It offers three-year full-time residential courses and youth camps for students as well as corporate seminars and retreats for professionals and businesspersons.

Today there are Vedanta institutes in eight cities in India and eight other countries (Australia, Canada, the US, UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia).

For the first time, the renowned philosopher will appear for a public webcast on 26 July. The 1-hour webcast on "Personal Rehabilitation: From Concern to Composure" will focus on the importance of turning our attention within.

The Vedanta philosophy is based on ancient Indian texts but the academy has streamlined and packaged it in accessible formats for contemporary life. Vedanta is derived from veda (knowledge) and anta (end). So, Vedanta essentially means “the end of knowledge", a philosophy that presents the eternal principles of life and living.

“The lack of the knowledge of living has denied us peace and success. This talk should encourage us to drop our complacency, control our personality and overcome the challenges of life," notes a description of the event.

In his books and lectures, A. Parthasarathy has always maintained that living is a skill, a technique that needs to be learnt. And that one needs to learn and practise it as one would to play a musical instrument or fly an aircraft.

To attend the talk on 26 July, 6.30pm, visit here.

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