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Three ways to nourish yourself better

In this week's Lounge roundup, we focus on nutrition 

Choose food that is local, sustainably sourced and nourishing
Choose food that is local, sustainably sourced and nourishing (Pexels)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge wellness roundup!Every Saturday, we bring you our pick of the wellness stories we have published over the past week, lest you've missed any of them.

This week we focus completely on nutrition and eating better.From the no-diet diet to food miles and gut health, we've got you covered. 

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How food can change your mood and personality

Yes, we all know how important the gut is to metabolism and digestion.But did you know that it also impacts mental health?Divya Naik explores how gut microbiome and metabolomic pathways can influence one’s personality in more ways than previously established, even affecting energy levels, fatigue and mood.“The gut microbiota is the mirror of the person and is regulated by what we consume,” writes Naik, pointing out that more research it still needed.

Why you should follow a no-diet diet

A new book by  Dr Rajat Chauhan and Dr Darren Playerexplores why fad diets are pointless and unsustainable, however alluring they seem.  “Nearly all diets will work to some extent for a short period of time, and people will see changes within hours or ds. However, in reality, there should not be a diet," point out the authors. Instead, they suggest what they call a ‘no iet’ diet, where you make permanent and sustainable changes to your eatig habits. “We should pick best practices from the diets that work for us. But definitely don’t go for extreme diets as they ca be detrimental,” they add. 

Why eating food low in food miles is good for you

Berry smoothies, cacao nibs in your oatmeal and imported kale or quinoa a regular part of your diet? Turns out that your ‘healthy’ diet may be very bad for the earth. “As a consumer, a vital action you can take is to ote for food that travels less to get to your table,” writes Jen Thomas, pointing out that no one needs superfoods from a place halfway around the globe. She adds that there there are superfoods and highly nutritious foods available at our local grocers and that these sall changes will go a long way towards a better future.“The more you vote toward sustainable food production and fewer food miles, the fewer times you vote for highly produced and long-haul transportation of the food that impacts our environment the most," she says. 

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