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3 ways to get fitter and better

This week's fitness roundup focuses on getting better at the activity of your choosing 

Learn how to perfect your one-arm dumbbell row
Learn how to perfect your one-arm dumbbell row (Unsplash)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge wellness roundup! Every Saturday, we bring you our pick of the fitness stories we have published over the past week, lest you've missed any of them.

This week we focus on the tweaks you can make to your activity to get better at it. Whether it is buying the right shoes, walking while you work or learning how to perform a perfect single-arm dumbbell row, we've got you covered.

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How walking while you work can make you more efficient

Alright, this isn't about fitness per se, but about productivity and overall well-being. We all know that getting in your steps is good for you. Now a new study claims that it is good for your work too. According to a new study conducted by researchers at the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rochester, "some young and healthy people improve performance on cognitive tasks while walking by changing the use of neural resources." 

This is not to say it works for everyone, of course. Some people don't benefit from it, and researchers haven't managed to predict whether someone will or won't be able to multitask well while walking. If you do, however, the benefits are enormous, leading to "increased flexibility or efficiency in the brain," say researchers. 

3 kinds of shoes for 3 different sports

If you, like writer Sohini Sen, enjoy different activities--weightlifting, running, dancing, in her case--you may need to take a closer look at your footwear. While it may seem easier and less expensive to use the same pair of shoes for everything you do, the truth is that different sports require different footwear, and it would be smart to remember that. As Sen points out, "this can be tough on the pocket if you take an interest in more than one sport or activity, but it will still be cheaper than paying for the hospital visits if you get injured from wearing the wrong shoes," she writes. She then goes on to review three different shoes for running, dancing and cross-fit, respectively--the Fuelcell Rebel V2 from New Balance, the Freestyle Hi from Reebok and the Under Armour Project Rock 4.

How to perform a perfect single-arm dumbbell row

“If there is one dumbbell exercise that everyone does and probably does wrong, it is the single-arm dumbbell row. In fact, one could sit in a corner at a gym and take notes as people choose a weight, prop half a knee on a bench, look up into the mirror to check if their backs are straight, fail to realise that an arched back is not equal to a straight back, wobble a bit, and then pull the weight up in what mostly seems like the right way,” writes Pulasta Dhar, adding that--in most cases--people do not perform this exercise the right way. He goes on to list the mistakes most people make while performing this move and offers suggestions on how to improve form while doing a one-arm dumbbell row. 


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