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3 things you should know before you start a yoga practice

In this week's special yoga roundup, we look at stories that will help deepen your practice and encourage you to get on your mat

Yoga is something you need to be consistent with
Yoga is something you need to be consistent with (Unsplash)

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International Yoga Day, which falls on June 21 every year, has come and gone. Your practice, however, goes far beyond a single day; it is something you need to be consistent with. This week's roundup is a selection of stories culled from both our fitness and wellness section that hopes to get you to experience yoga and stay on this journey for a lifetime.

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How to deepen your yoga practice

"The urge to improve is one of the most common instincts among human beings. Yoga is no exception," writes Shrenik Avlani, pointing out that people spend hours reading, watching videos, talking, exchanging ideas, attending workshops and performing asanas in their pursuit to become better at yoga. However, often enough, they get stuck and are unable to progress beyond. Avlani goes on to speak to experts who tell him that part of the reason for this is that to progress, you would need to not only focus on the physical aspect of yoga but also on your mind. You also need long-term commitment, discipline, continuity and consistency, he adds; also, relooking nutrition, drinking enough water and sleeping well. And yes, faith is important too--while you may not see changes after every session, over time, the benefits of yoga will kick in, an expert tells him.  

3 classical styles of yoga you should know about

Has yoga day inspired you to take up the practice? Before you jump into it, you should decide what style works for you.

While yoga, in general, is for everyone, the style of yoga that will work for you depends on a bunch of factors, including current fitness levels, goals, personality type and so on. This is not to say that yoga's benefits are dictated by the style you choose. Getting on the mat consistently will get you fitter and calmer, improve mobility and help you connect better with yourself. Type A, focused and athletic? Ashtanga is what you probably should be choosing. Like variety and want to get in a workout? Walk into a power or vinyasa class. And yes, if injury prevention or cross-training is your goal, a Sivananda, Bihar or Iyengar class may suit you better.

Here we decode 3 classical styles you should know about before deciding which one to choose. 

What yoga means to me

Are you a yoga aficionado? What drives you to the mat over and over again? For some, it is fitness and well-being. For others, it is body awareness, mental health and stamina. We speak to three Lounge readers to understand why they love their practice. 



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