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Three great tips for a healthy body and mind

Here are our favourite stories of the week to get you started on your own health journey

A healthy, balanced diet coupled with regular activity is the way to go
A healthy, balanced diet coupled with regular activity is the way to go (Unsplash)

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It has been exactly a week into the new year, hasn't it? So where are you in your health journey? Are you still figuring out how to get back on track? Or did you simply not fall off the fitness wagon in the first place (kudos to you, you lucky thing, if that is the case).

Here at Lounge, we firmly believe that health isn't defined by one thing. It isn't just about working out consistently and eating well but also about how you sleep, how you manage your stress and anxiety, how good you feel at the end of the day. That is why, this week, we offer you an eclectic mix of stories that will provide you with insights into mental and physical health, both of which are equally important for overall wellbeing.

Get fit this year with three great home workouts.

Covid is back--unfortunately--and, with the new guidelines, all those gyms and boot camps may be shuttered for a while. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Sohini Sen offers some great options to get fit in the comfort of your home using yoga, pilates or even an easy strength training routine.  So what are you waiting for--go ahead and crush those fitness goals. 

Twelve ways to build a great support system

If the last two years have taught us something, it has to be this--no man is an island. We all each other, need our families, friends and all those people who make our world a brighter and better place. Divya Naik's insightful piece expands on how we all should have support systems, the challenges of building our own in today's mediated world and what we need to do to create and retain them. And ye, while you're at it give your mother, partner or best friend a big hug or a call.  We could all do with that assurance that we aren't alone. 

Should you depend on superfoods for your nutrition?

First we had quinoa, the primary food group of the ancient Incas, transmogrified into yuppy-friendly pilafs and salads. Then, of course, were the blueberries, nutritional powerhouses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that also, incidentally, offer a super low GI index, making it perfect for diabetics and low-carbers. And yes, some Indian specialities made it to the list too: golden tumeric lattes--a fancy name for haldi doodh--and moringa--dried, powdered and thrown into smoothies (instead being eaten the proper way in a nice, hot bowl of sambar).  Shrenik Avlani, however, isn't convinced by this buzz: A healthy, balanced diet coupled with regular activity is a far more sustainable and achievable, he writes. 







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