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Stay hydrated with these stylish and sustainable water bottles

Sticking to those hydration goals just got easier

Water Bottle by Hitch
Water Bottle by Hitch

In the summer, hydration goals are super important even if you stay indoors; especially so if you are in an AC environment as air-conditioning dehydrates the body. And there's nothing better to keep you motivated than a stylish personal water bottle that helps you stay on track even without fancy LED reminders or 'smart' bottles that connect to your phone, simple because you have to keep filling it.

Lounge curates a list of water bottles made of safe and sustainable materials that will make it easier for you to remember to hydrate.

Ellementry terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper

Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper
Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper (

There's nothing better than drinking water from an earthenware matka during summer for that hit of petrichor. Here's a bottle that replicates that experience. While retaining the natural cooling of Indian clay, this sustainable and food-safe drinkware is completely handcrafted.

Capacity: 650 ml


How much: 799

Jaypore copper bottle

Copper water bottle
Copper water bottle (

This super stylish bottle will not only keep you hydrated, it will also substantially add to the charm of your workspace. Don't be tempted to put flowers in it, though, and use it for its intended purpose. Drinking from copper bottles is supposed to be good for boosting one's natural immunity, so keep this handy.

Capacity: 700 ml


How much: 2490

Vahdam Verve Bottle

Verve Bottle
Verve Bottle (Vahdam)

Vahdam Teas has just launched a range of multipurpose drinkware choices in various design forms and sizes of bottles. These spill-proof tumblers and mugs flaunt stylish curves and cool colours like black, bottle green, blush pink and mint green. Maintaining temperatures of hot beverages upto 2-3 hours and of cold beverages upto 4-6 hours, the bottles and tumblers have BPA-free bodies and double wall vacuum insides.

Capacity: 500 ml


How much: 1499

Vaya Drynk bottle with sipper

Vaya drink
Vaya drink (

Use this bottle to store ice-cold water or your favourite hot beverage. With a hygienic, covered spout area, this bottle keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to18 hours. With a stainless steel slim body that easily fits in your bag or car cup-holder, you can also order a separate go-bag. It has an anti-slip coaster base and a sipper lid with a magentic latch which ensures you will never hit your nose while taking a sip.

Capacity: 600 ml


How much: 1690 with bag

Chumbak European Florals copper bottle

Chumbak bottle
Chumbak bottle (

Although we are including this bottle for pure design and general cuteness points, it's still a great bottle, made of copper with a spill-proof lid and a slender mouth for ease of drinking. The body is engraved metal, with an Chinoiserie-inspired print in soothing teal, and will look on any table or car holder.

Capacity: 900 ml


How much: 1795

Borosilicate infusion bottle with strainer

Borosilicate bottle with strainer
Borosilicate bottle with strainer (Lifestyle)

Making fruit infusions is super easy with this borosilicate bottle with a strainer that filters out seeds and fibre. With a clean, simple design and leak-proof lid, this small-sized bottle is ideal to carry on the go, especially if you get a silicon sleeve for better grip.

Capacity: 360 ml


How much: 449

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