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So, how much water should you actually drink in a day?

While hydration is a very important aspect of fitness, the amount of water you should be drinking cannot be universally standardised

Hydration is an essential aspect of health with numerous benefits, including more youthful-looking skin, better digestion, more energy and weight maintenance (Pexels (Andrea Piacquadio))

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You know that old adage about drinking 8 glasses of water a day? Turns out it isn't as simple as that. While hydration is an essential aspect of health with benefits ranging from more youthful-looking skin, better digestion, more energy, and weight maintenance to a healthier heart and kidneys, the amount of water you should drink cannot really be standardised. It depends on a number of factors, including age, activity levels, body weight, gender and external environment. 

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According to a February 12 article published in the science and technology magazine, Science Focus, the best way to gauge if you need to drink water is this: counting the number of trips to the bathroom. “A rough rule of thumb would be four to six visits to the toilet to pee during a typical day if adequately meeting your water requirements,” said Dr Stuart Galloway, an associate professor in physiology, exercise and nutrition at the University of Stirling to Science Focus. He also pointed out that this method has some shortcomings as it does not take into account age-related alteration in kidney function or the effect of medication or beverages, all of which impact urine concentration and volume.

Another option is to use a hydration calculator like this one to calculate approximately how much water you should drink. And yes, evaluating the colour of your urine could also help: too light and you are likely to be over-hydrating, too dark and you may need to amp up your water intake as this chart points out. 

With summer around the corner, you need to be more careful of your hydration as dehydration is common in this season, often leading to dizziness, nausea, fatigue and even, in serious cases, a heat stroke. Here are some easy tips to stay hydrated this summer.

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  1. Have a reusable bottle within reach, preferably an insulated one, at all times. Not only does this mean that you are more likely to sip on cool water all through the day but also you cut down on plastic waste considerably.
  2. Set periodic reminders on your phone to drink water. And yes, ensure you chug down a glass at certain fixed intervals in your day: when you wake up, just before you sleep or just before you eat a meal.
  3. Opt for cooling beverages like buttermilk, cold-pressed vegetable juices (fruit juices have too much sugar) or salted lemon water instead of reaching out for tea, coffee or aerated drinks that can be dehydrating.
  4. Infuse your water with spices, fruit or slices of cucumber to make it more palatable.
  5. Don't forget to hydrate after you exercise, adding electrolytes if needed, especially after an intense session or on a sweltering day.



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