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Why ‘wabi-sabi’ can give you strength

The Japanese way of accepting transience and imperfection

Beth Kempton's Wabi Sabu
Beth Kempton's Wabi Sabu

Is it possible to see a silver lining in the dire times we are currently facing? Ironic as it may be, it has taken a global pandemic for people to appreciate the need to reinvent the way they live. Instead of the rush for material success, they are learning to accept that fragility is at the core of human existence. The Japanese phrase wabi-sabi captures this wisdom beautifully. Referring to transience and imperfection, it provides a key to a certain way of life—one that teaches us to slow down, re-evaluate our priorities and centre ourselves, drawing on the philosophy of Zen and the famous tea ceremony. Beth Kempton’s lucid illustrations helps being the concept alive.

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