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Busting some common wellness and relationship myths

From starvation mode to co-dependent relationships and inevitable back pain, here are three things you may need to change your opinion about 

Healthy relationships are about both shared moments and plenty of space
Healthy relationships are about both shared moments and plenty of space (Unsplash)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every weekend, we bring you a selection of the best fitness and health stories that have been featured on the website. These stories will help you get expert fitness tips that you can then incorporate into your fitness journey.

This week we focus on busting some common myths.  Is there really something called starvation mode? Is chronic back pain simply inevitable? And no, you really don’t have to do everything with your significant other to prove your love for them. 

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Can you really go into starvation mode?

If you’ve ever dieted, you must have had someone telling you this—don’t go below 1200 calories or you will go into starvation mode. Turns out that it is not quite so simple as that. Jen Thomas explains why calculating metabolism and calorie intake is so complicated, how sleep, age and cold change this metabolism and why our bodies desperately try to hold on to fat, making weight loss through dieting a never-ending challenge. “Ultimately, the first step in achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss is to understand that if we aren't losing weight, there is a discrepancy in our perception of how much we are eating versus moving around,” writes Thomas, concluding that learning how to eat mindfully is still the best way to look at nutrition.         

 How boundaries help build better relationships

“When anyone asks for their own space, it is perceived as a rejection of love or advice,” writes Divya Naik, pointing out, however, that this is a mistake we make as a society. Setting boundaries is about self-preservation, self-respect and self-love—all things that will lead to better relationships. Naik delves into how lack of boundaries negatively impacts people and lays out the steps to becoming more assertive without compromising respect and compassion for the other person. 

Why you don’t have to live with lower back pain

Covid and subsequent lockdowns have forced us to completely overhaul our lifestyle, and not in a good way. “With work from home becoming the norm and professionals setting up workstations at home, desk jobs are becoming even more sedentary,” points out Aditi Sarawagi. It is not surprising therefore that multiple studies indicate a positive correlation between covid-induced lockdown and lower back pain over the last two years. However, nobody has to simply suffer and live with pain like this, argues Sarawagi. Using a holistic approach to tackle back pain can help manage and maybe even completely eradicate it. 





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