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A new website helps you find vaccination slots near you

Health-tech company HealthifyMe has launched an aggregator website that collates vaccination data in a real-time with a user-friendly format

Vaccinations are now open for those above 18 years of age but slots are difficult to find
Vaccinations are now open for those above 18 years of age but slots are difficult to find (CDC/Unsplash)

HealthifyMe, a leading Indian AI-based health and fitness app, today announced the launch of ‘’, a new platform that uses CoWIN APIs to help people find the available vaccination slots in real time in their area or district. This initiative has been launched to fast-track the mass inoculation drive in the country and encourage people to get vaccinated at the earliest.

In the case of unavailability of the slots, the platform will notify the users when a slot opens up via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Users can access this service either on the HealthifyMe app or by visiting The platform is integrated with relevant filters to customize the search on the basis of pin code, district, age, choice of vaccine, and free or paid vaccination centers.

Once the user has identified a vaccination venue, takes them to the CoWIN website, where they can register and book their slot. While it only collates information available from CoWIN, this is presented in a more user-friendly format where the person seeking vaccination info can see updates in real-time and get a clear picture of vaccine availability at their location. Lounge tested the website's basic features and found that thworked.

The company intends to add more features and filters to further improve the user experience over the next few days. has been launched as a part of HealthifyMe’s ‘CoviFit’ initiative, to help Indians stay physically and mentally fit during this stressful time. As a part of CoviFit, HealthifyMe is offering users free access to immunity and nutrition workshops, live workout sessions, and therapy sessions.

Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO of, HealthifyMe said, “Health & fitness in these times starts with getting vaccinated. is a small effort from our side to ensure greater participation and ease of access for our users. This is part of our ongoing effort to get India to be #Covifit. I wish to thank the government and CoWIN team for releasing public APIs so developers like us can act as force multipliers and bring value to the community at large.”

HealthifyMe is one of India’s largest digital wellness platform catering to more than 19 million users in 300+ cities with over 500 coaches. The company delivers measurable results on eating habits, fitness, and weight through tracking lifestyle, providing access to human coaches and AI nutritionist “Ria”. The company has over 1000 employees, with a physical presence in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

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