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3 wellness journals to focus on self-care

If you feel the need for a bit of guidance regarding intentional self-care and mindfulness, there are a few wellness journals that might help

Mindmate by Meghana Bhaskarabatla, is a 100-day workbook focused on practicing mindfulness. (Credit: Mindmate/Official website)
Mindmate by Meghana Bhaskarabatla, is a 100-day workbook focused on practicing mindfulness. (Credit: Mindmate/Official website)

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In a world where productivity is squeezed out like the last bit of toothpaste, one can feel the need for some handholding when attempting to understand mindfulness—a word that has become more of a trend than practice — setting boundaries for intentional work-life balance rather than just an illusion of it.

There are plenty of options for planners to set work goals and even block time off. But in recent times, with an attitudinal shift regarding the mind and its complexities and awareness about the importance of emotional health, the focus has shifted to wellness journals. Although the capitalistic ploys of the wellness market cannot be ignored, guidance might help in learning to be more intentional and less performative with self-care. So, if you feel the need for a little bit of handholding, here are journals that might help. 

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If you like workbooks that come with a feeling of problem-solving, this might be a good option. Mindmate, by behavioural coach Meghana Bhaskarabatla, “focuses on inculcating small yet powerful habits into your daily routine” such as mindfulness, breath work, gratitude, and emotional freedom technique. 

Around 80 therapists and behavioural coaches were consulted for this workbook, Bhaskarabatla told The New Indian Express in 2021. She added, "Mindfulness is not just for people who are going through issues, it's for everyone. This workbook lends a certain structure to the practice of mindfulness."

The 100-day workbook includes options to track your food, sleep, feelings, intentions, moods, and habits daily to help you check in on yourself. Some interesting features include a wellness wheel that can help identify where you stand in the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and intellectual aspects for better self-awareness, guidance with setting boundaries, and a current paradigm analysis to recognise mindsets and beliefs that might be holding you back. 

Questions that are included in the workbook focus on building awareness by focusing on small details such as ‘What can you do to make the day one per cent better than yesterday?'

Price: 1499

Start Where You Are

This journal comes with an abundance of colours and thoughts that can be drawn, doodled, or written. Created by artist Meera Lee Patel, this interactive journal focuses on self-exploration through creative expression. With vibrant images, beautiful hand-lettering and prompts for reflection, this book seems to be more for the inner child. 

Patel in an interview with Creative Bloom in 2016 said that the journal emerged from the understanding that more people are using electronics for distraction which makes it difficult for them to listen to their inner thoughts. “The distance between their heads and hearts grows larger, and the space in between is often filled with confusion, anxiety, and listlessness. Start Where You Are takes people by the hand and helps them regain a sense of Self, building a concrete foundation that will help them navigate through life with strength, purpose, and inspiration.”

It's a journal that focuses on mindfulness and upliftment by encouraging self-cognisance and finding answers within ourselves. 

Price: 325

The Journal of Joy

This wellness journal by Arkai is based on four research-backed and psychologist-approved techniques, according to the official website. These include mindfulness as a way to reduce stress and focus on self-compassion, intentional living to address distress and improve well-being in daily activities, positive psychology to help develop a mindset of understanding life as a roller-coaster, and creative expression to unwind and understand complex thoughts and emotions. 

The journal, made of recycled paper, has “47 research-backed essays” on topics such as culture and neuroscience and helps you question things in everyday life. It could be helpful for those dealing with high stress and anxious thoughts, wanting to understand and express emotions, and hoping to know more about themselves. 

Price: 1990

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