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3 ways to reach your wellness goals

From fitness trackers, self-care myths and weight-loss plateaus, this week's roundup will help you become your healthiest self

When wellness is a journey
When wellness is a journey (Unsplash)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge wellness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you the best of the wellness stories published in Lounge that week, which you may have missed reading. As always, our aim is to bring you the best possible ways to get and stay healthy and fit.

This week, we focus on three things that most of us encounter when we navigate through our health journey: weigh-loss plateaus, self-care and fitness trackers. Read on to know more

How to bust through a weight loss plateau

Fitness coach Jen Thomas lays out a familiar situation: It's morning and time for your daily ritual of weighing yourself. You step on and off the scales. And on again. You take off your pyjamas. It doesn't change. You remove your rings and your watch. Still no change. You are staring at the same blinking number you have seen for weeks, and you want to give up. "The truth is, during a weight-loss journey, at some point, everyone stalls and hits a plateau. Your body is not broken. It's doing exactly what your body is amazingly capable of – keeping up the status quo," she says before going on to delve into how one can tackle a weight loss plateau.

10 myths about self-care that need to be busted

Do you struggle to indulge in a long bubble bath, a ten-minute meditation session or a visit to a spa, dismissing these activities as too superficial? Turns out you shouldn't feel guilty about looking after yourself. “There are many benefits to having a regular self-care routine, and one of them is increased self-worth," writes Divya Naik, going on to bust 10 misconceptions about self-care that many of us struggle with. 

Do fitness and nutrition trackers hurt or help?

Thinking of investing in a fitness band or smartwatch? You should read this story by Jen Thomas before you make a decision. “Do we need sleep, nutrition, and fitness trackers to enhance our health and wellness goals?" she asks before laying out the issues of being over-dependent on trackers. In this same piece, she also looks into how it can be beneficial for some people and concludes that the decision to invest in one lies with you. “If you notice that your motivation peaks when viewing the data around your lifestyle decisions and you can stay above the obsession around the numbers, use wearable technology or apps to help enhance your health and wellness journey. However, if you notice that you start to slide the negative slope of becoming obsessed with the numbers and affecting how you view yourself, it's probably better not to waste your money on a tracker,” writes Thomas


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