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3 seaweed recipes that aren't sushi

The latest superfood, seaweed, is great for both your health and the environment. We tell you how to eat this Asian staple

Seaweed noodle soup is a perfect meal for the monsoons.
Seaweed noodle soup is a perfect meal for the monsoons. (Photo by Yolanda Djajakesukma, Unsplash)

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Notice many Asian dishes like Ramen sprinkled with tiny black toppings - almost akin to sprinkles. That's dried seaweed. Seaweed is the name given to any sea vegetables or algae that grow in the sea. It is enjoyed in various different forms in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China. But why do we need to talk about seaweed?

Traditionally eaten as part of dishes only in Asia, the world is now opening its palettes to this latest superfood. In addition to being packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it has also proven to decrease the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. Not only are they classified as great superfoods, but they're also good for the environment. 

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Since they are algae, they grow, absorbing a lot of toxins in the waters they inhabit. Studies have also found that seaweed consumes 20% more carbon dioxide than it releases into the atmosphere. 

Seaweed is available in various different forms, but kombu, wakame and nori are the most widely used ones. With Indian markets opening up to import foods like Seaweed and other organic foods, now is a great time to embark on the superfood health journey. While nori is traditionally eaten wrapped around rice and as the main ingredient in sushis, here are a few recipes that are more uncomplicated and fun to try. 

Roasted seaweed crackers

These delicious munchies are all you need to give your body the dose of seaweed that it needs. Just brush the nori sheets with some oil, sprinkle some salt and lightly roast until they're crispy; top them off with your favourite spices. 

P.S We strongly recommend garlic powder :)

Wakame seaweed Salad

Want something healthy and refreshing? This recipe is exactly that. Just toss some seaweed stems and leaves in hot water, wait until they bloom and mix them with freshly sliced cucumbers. Add any dressing of your choice and enjoy.

Rolled seaweed and egg omelette

Be it for breakfast or as a side dish for your meals, this rolled seaweed egg omelette is the perfect dish. Traditionally a Korean side-dish, it's super easy to make and a delicious combination of protein and your superfoods. Here's how to make it -

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