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3 high-protein smoothies perfect for lazy mornings

Too lazy to cook breakfast? Why don't you blend it up, using one of these easy recipes

Smoothies are a quick, easy-to-fix, healthy breakfast
Smoothies are a quick, easy-to-fix, healthy breakfast (Unsplash)

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Alright, intermittent fasting acolytes notwithstanding, we all that breakfast is an important meal. And yes, while there is nothing better than waking up to piping hot dosas or cheesy scrambled eggs and buttered toast, let us be honest, most days, no one has the time to either make or eat it. 

Enter smoothies--a quick, easy-to-fix, healthy alternative, way better for you than the sugar-laden cereal you are likely to reach out to when you don't have the time to whip up something better. Here are some of our favourite smoothie recipes.

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Read on to know more.

Banana-peanut butter delight

Agreed, it is hardly original, but it is oh-so-good, a perfect blend of carbohydrates, protein, good fats and great taste. All you need are bananas--frozen or fresh--yoghurt, oatmeal, some sort of milk (almond, if lactose intolerant), sugar-free peanut butter and some cinnamon; for extra sweetness, a teaspoon of honey will do. Blend it all together, and there you have it--dessert in a glass, perfect for a busy Monday morning, filled with protein and good fats. 

Chocolate delight smoothie

Chocolate fans, this is for you--a rich, delicious blend that is great for your waistline too. Throw in a banana, some raw nuts and seeds, plain yoghurt, cacao powder, a pinch of salt and some honey for sweetness. Blend it till smooth, and there you have it- a gorgeous glass of chocolatey goodness, rich in protein and flavour. 

Green monster smoothie

All you health purists out there, this is for you. Here is something full of the good stuff: protein, fruit, vegetables and good fat, and yes, it is vegan-friendly too. Fill your blender with kale, fruits like grapes, mango or banana, some lemon rind for flavour, and avocado or peanut butter for good fat. Throw in a scoop of vegan protein powder for good measure and blend it all together with coconut water. Yes, the health halo as you gulp this down is very visible.

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