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5 handy workouts for the holiday season

Taking off for a holiday this month needn't mean skipping out on your workout. Lounge lists out five exercises you can try out anywhere you go

Add a 15-minute work out in the pool at your holiday stay to your vacation checklist.
Add a 15-minute work out in the pool at your holiday stay to your vacation checklist. (Unsplash/Pedro Araujo)

With the festive and holiday season in November carrying on into December, it is that time of the year when keeping workouts that you can do at home or during travels is a good plan. This is usually the phase when even the most seasoned fitness followers can lose a bit of focus. But even a little goes a long way. From outdoors to indoors and even the staircase, we have you covered with five workouts for the month.

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Callisthenics leg day at home: If you are not one for packing weights and bands in your luggage, this workout by Caroline Girvan is an absolute delight. The one thing that sets it apart from millions of other leg workouts is how Girvan breaks down one single exercise across three minutes on either side into three phases: the hold, pulses, and the full range of motion. This workout looks easy but it's not – but neither is it too difficult. The exercises are simple, and the preparation for the full range is so perfectly balanced that once you do this, you might not want to do any other leg workout at home.

15-minute pool workout for abs and arms by Mor Movement: Right, so your holiday accommodation has a pool? Then, this pool workout by Mor Movement is an easy and effective workout that uses water as the main resistance. Consisting of many torso twists, pendulum swings and ankle reaches, the exercise can be done in the shallow end as well. And all you need is 15 minutes to do it. Once you are done, you can guiltlessly lounge on a floatie and while the rest of the afternoon away. It's also a perfect start to set you up for more elaborate pool workouts if you want to explore it more.

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25-minute intense abs and core workout: Most of the worries during this festive season is losing all the work you'd put through the year – particularly on the abs. Lay your worries to rest by trying this 25-minute abs and core workout by YouTube channel growingannanas. This workout, whose video has garnered more than 2 million views, has no repeats and works the core properly across nearly half an hour. The last two minutes are a cool down to stretch out the core.

10-minute HIIT workout on the stairs: If half an hour is too much of an ask, then there are no excuses for 10 minutes on the stairs. The video, posted by Kyra Pro is a follow-along and if it is too short, feel free to do another round of the same… before you order that burger. Operating on a 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off formula, there is enough time to recuperate between changes. Most might think it is all about burning fat and working up a sweat, but the exercises she uses will also help in fast feet coordination and balance. Enjoy this fully, it is really worth it.

20-minute chest and shoulder workout with dumbbells: There is a slim chance you might find some weights on your travels, even if you don’t find a proper bench or pulley. Make the most of it with this follow-along workout by TIFF x DAN as they create something unique. This is not just another workout though. The creators have added so many elements that the 20 minutes you need to do it just fly. Every set ends with a superset made of two exercises and the end has an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) set before a cooldown and stretch. This is a proper push day with single arm exercises, push-up variations and an element of CrossFit in it. Save it.

Pulasta Dhar is a football commentator, podcaster and writer.

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