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Three great workouts that you need to do right now

From static holds to exercises that target your lower back, glutes and legs, here are three important workouts that you need to do

Get your weekend fitness fix.
Get your weekend fitness fix. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every weekend, we bring you a selection of the best fitness and health stories that have been featured on the website. These stories will help you get expert fitness tips that you can then incorporate into your fitness journey.

 This week, we have some excellent stories for you, with particular tips and workouts that will help you train your lower body. When it comes to strength training, it is extremely important that there are no muscle imbalances, and this week’s stories help you avoid this.

How static holds can increase your strength and endurance

Sometimes, you have to go beyond the tried and tested to start seeing real results from your fitness training. In this case we’re talking about the usefulness of static holds. You would already know about some static holds like the plank. However, do you fully realise why it is good for you?

In this story, writer Shrenik Avlani takes you through the importance of static holds and how you can increase both your strength and endurance by doing them correctly. Avlani speaks to fitness experts and looks at fitness research to bring you four static holds that you must incorporate into your training.

How to strengthen your adductor muscles

While certain muscle groups tend to get all the attention during training, some other, important muscles often end up getting ignored. One of the prime examples of the latter are the adductor muscles that run through your inner thighs.

In this story, writer Pulasta Dhar takes you through why these muscles are important and the exercises that you should incorporate to strengthen them. You’ll find a selection of four excellent exercises that you can do quickly everyday and ensure that you don’t run the ris of injuries by strengthening your adductors.

Five great workouts for a strong lower body

Fitness communities, especially in India, are finally waking up to the importance of not missing out on ‘leg-day’. However, despite better knowledge about the need to train your lower body, this remains an aspect of fitness training that gets ignored the most.

As Pulasta Dhar argues in his story, this is often down to people not having enough time to fit in a lower body workout into their week. If that’s your problem, then this is the story for you. In it, Dhar outlines five great and quick lower body workouts that you can do. The workouts cover a wide variety of styles, from weight training to HIIT. 

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