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Three great running tights that you can also workout in

Cold weather or warm, these three tights are perfect for your daily runs

Great tights for all your running needs.
Great tights for all your running needs. (Istockphoto)

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Winter is slowly slipping away. Ask any runner and they would confirm that the next month or so is probably the best for running. It isn’t so cold that you have to wear layers and layers to even feel normal, nor is it hot enough to make you sweat. The result? You can get your miles in without shivering or sweating. Just perfect, is what I call it. 

But let’s not forget that early morning runs can still be tricky. Because of the difference in the early morning and evening temperatures, it is easy to be confused if you need your winter tights or if you should switch to shorts. The thing is, you still do need your tights. Even if you are running in the evening, as soon your run is over and your body starts to cool down, you will need to be properly covered to keep your muscles warm, and not catch a cold. 

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Be it before the run or after, keeping yourself warm might just be the best thing to do to avoid an injury. A light warm up before you head out? A few extra jumps on spot? A stretch and change of fresh (sweat-free) clothes after the run? You need to do all that, and along with them, you also need to find the perfect pair of tights to help you  stay warm no matter when you run. Here are our picks of some of the training tights you can get right now. 

For fast runs or running in the afternoon: This pair of tights can be worn all year round because of the soft fabric. It is designed for fast workouts, with a mesh at the calves to let cool air flow in, preventing overheating of the muscles that work a lot. It has a tight fit which works great for tempo and sprints, when you don’t want extra material swaying against your leg. I especially love the high rise cover, which gives enough support even on days when you feel bloated. However, this does not come with compression, so you might want to use it a base layer if you’re feeling cold. 

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The thin material also makes it a little see-through, if you decide to do workouts in them. It does stretch, so the fear of tearing might be low, but I would suggest not wearing it for squats and lunges. It has a great sweat wicking fabric, and the seams are flat which means, no irritating and no chaffing—no matter how much you sweat during your sprints. The leggings run true to size and you can easily get your regular size for this.

Nike Pro 365,  2,495 (plus shipping), available at 

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For windy days or evenings: High wind speeds can be tough to run against. These pants, though with a loose fit, can work well against the wind. For runs, I use it as a top layer. It is comfortable enough for easy paced runs. For faster sprints however, I would suggest keeping only the base layer but wear this during the warm up laps. 

I picked these up from the men’s section, but that is only because a top layer needs to be slightly loose and these work wonderfully both as running pants and gym trousers. It has an adjustable waist with a drawstring, and comes with zipped pockets for basic items to be carried during the run. The ankle also has an elastic which keeps it sort of air locked without being too tight. Another thing, unlike the Nike tights, these are squat proof. The material does not become see-through at any point of time, nor do you have to worry about a tear, thanks to the stretch fabric insert between the legs. Since it’s from the men’s section, go for a smaller size, or try it out before purchasing. Also great value for money. 

Domyos Men Slim-Fit Gym Trousers,  699, available at

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For cold morning runs: Cold mornings are the hardest days to convince yourself to get up from bed and go for a run, but trust me once you are on the road (and suitably covered), these are also the best ones to have on. The adidas formtion tights are made of recycled nylon and elastane, with a knitted look. This pair of tights has extremely tight compression which helps support the muscles as you run. But at the same time they is stretchable enough for you to do your post run stretches, dance in the studio, or do deep squats. 

The tights have a high-rise waist which covers any tummy you might have, but more importantly, the compression in this zone helps you to run without worrying about any discomfort. The tights does run a bit small, so if you are not used to compression gear pick one in one size larger than your usual.

Adidas formotion tights,  2,299, available at

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