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Three great resistance band workouts

Don't have weights to train with? No problem, just get yourself a pair of resistance bands

Get the workout you need with resistance bands.
Get the workout you need with resistance bands. (Istockphoto)

I’ve been in love with training with resistance bands for a while now. As much I love working out with weights, I try to find at least a day every week to train with bands. Here at Lounge fitness, we have covered the usefulness of band exercises many times. And for good reason. Developed in the 1990s as an aid to physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation, bands have become a proper substitute to working out with weights.

Whether you want to build muscle, improve your range of motion or use them for corrective exercises, bands are infinitely versatile tools. And this is especially true when you’re travelling and don’t have access to a gym or the weights you use at home.

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I follow a weekly split where I work on specific muscle groups every day, including back, chest, arms and lower body training. This used to be difficult to maintain earlier when I was travelling. However, now that I’ve found resistance bands, that’s no longer the case. There are easy ways in which you can use bands to do a similar targeted split every week, and get as much out of them as you would with weights.

As it happens, I am travelling right now, and I’m maintaining my split with the two bands I’m carrying. It’s best to have two bands of different weights, as this allows you to perform different types of exercises. And in case you want to learn how to use them, well, YouTube is your friend. Here are three excellent band workouts that target specific muscle groups.

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Resistance band arms workout: This video from FitGent offers an excellent variety of exercises for your forearms, biceps and triceps. You don’t need to do all of them, but you could definitely take any four and five of these and turn them into an excellent arm workout.

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Resistance band chest workout: And you thought you could only work on your pecs with weights? Well, think again as Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X runs through some truly impressive chest workouts that you can do just with bands. Feel the burn!

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Resistance band legs workout: One of the most ignored, and the most underrated exercises are those that train your posterior chain muscles. In this video, Chris Heria of ThenX takes you through 20 excellent band exercises, but pay specific attention to the ones that target your lower body. Thank me later. 

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