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Three great jackets for your winter workouts

Feeling like cancelling your workout because it's too cold outside? With these jackets, you'll have no excuses

When the winds of winter blow, you need to have the correct jackets. (Photo: Istockphoto)

Cold weather and workouts are not friends. Our mind starts playing tricks on us, saying things like it's too cold to move out of the blanket, that it isn’t worth the trouble, begin again in January...

First things first, yes it is worth it. Your blanket won't wrap you around forever. Your body heats up fairly quickly once you start moving, so you end up feeling warmer. And the January thing? It has never worked.

However, if you are going to step out in this weather, you need to be properly attired. And to help you with that, here's our tried-and-tested winter activewear list.

The Puma Ignite Wind Jacket. (Photo courtesy Puma)
The Puma Ignite Wind Jacket. (Photo courtesy Puma)

Puma Ignite Wind Jacket

For the days when you feel the wind biting, this is the jacket to choose. It’s thin layer will not be very effective by itself in very cold weather, but layering it with a fleece t-shirt or even a full sleeve quick dry t-shirt inside will do the trick. With Puma's special dryCELL moisture-wicking technology, the jacket wicks away the sweat from your body—making it comfortable to wear through the run and even afterwards. Ventilation pockets around the armpits and scapula helps in air circulation so that you don't feel stuffy while wearing the jacket. Like all good running jackets, it's also perfect for low light/night runs with a couple of reflective elements (the Puma logo in the front, for example). The best thing about the jacket is that it’s really light. You can fold it up after your run and fit it into the smallest bag or pouch that you may be carrying, while you change into something warmer. Similarly, if you are doing high intensity exercises, you can carry on wearing this jacket without worrying about overheating.

5,499; available at

The Reebok Training Thermowarm Deltapeak Control Hoodie. (Photo courtesy Reebok)
The Reebok Training Thermowarm Deltapeak Control Hoodie. (Photo courtesy Reebok)

Reebok Training Thermowarm Deltapeak Control Hoodie

This has been my go-to this season for nearly all my distance runs. The jacket's layered insulating fabrics with polyester fill keeps you warm. However, the jacket isn’t heavy, which makes it pretty comfortable to move in. The double-layered hood is excellent and covers enough of the neck even when it’s down. I cannot run with the hood up but I'm sure that would be even better. But if, like me, find it uncomfortable to have something covering your head, I'd strongly recommend a bandanna to cover the ears while running during cold weather. The hoodie has a half-zip feature which I wasn't extremely thrilled with but the sacrifice was for a better deal—a really, really useful, double layered pocket. This means you can run with keys, phone, masks and some snacks and still have enough space to shove your hands in the pocket if it gets particularly cold.

6,999; available at

The Asics Lite Show Winter Jacket. (Photo courtesy Asics)
The Asics Lite Show Winter Jacket. (Photo courtesy Asics)

Asics Lite Show Winter Jacket

This jacket is for the coldest days of winter. Lightweight, but extremely warm, the jacket is great at blocking out the wind and in wicking off any moisture. This way, you can wear it for your run or a workout and carry on wearing it for a post-run breakfast with friends. The high neck design protects you from the chill, though I think it would’ve been great if it also had a hood. Personally, I preferred using this jacket for workouts instead of my runs. However, reflective logos in the front and on the shoulders make it suitable for running in the evenings or during foggy mornings. This is part of Asics’ trademarked Firefly technology which aims to improve visibility in low light conditions. I love the sleeves, which come with a thumb hole, thus letting the jacket cover a good part of your palm and keeping your hands warm. The fit is comfortable enough for most movements, neither too tight to run in, nor too loose to let the cold air in. It’s a full-zip jacket, which means it is easy enough to also use as a top most layer if you are feeling particularly cold.

6,999; available at

    30.12.2020 | 10:00 AM IST

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