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Three great fitness tips to boost your weekend workouts

The festive season of overindulgence has begun, but that doesn't mean you slack off on your fitness. Lounge has got you covered with these great tips

Meet your fitness goals with these great tips.
Meet your fitness goals with these great tips. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup of the best articles from Lounge Fitness. This past week has been fun, thanks to Diwali finally inaugurating the festive season. From now till the beginning of January, this is the time when you get together with your friends and family—in a safe and controlled way of course, the pandemic is still on—to celebrate life.

And how can you celebrate life without indulging yourself with cartloads of food and a river of drinks? Well, we should all hang loose sometimes, but this shouldn’t come at a cost to your carefully calibrated fitness routine that you’ve honed over the rest of the year. So read on for three of the best fitness tips from Lounge from the past week, and get the most out of your workouts!

How to maintain your fitness during the festive season

If you’re into fitness, which mean that you’re also conscious about the quality and quantity of food you eat, the long festive season can be disruptive. Starting from this Diwali week and stretching all the way into early January, watching what you eat might become a problem. This can be a source of anxiety, so we at Lounge decided to tackle the subject head-on. After all, we wanted to know, same as you, what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

So fitness writer Shrenik Avlani spoke to fitness experts about it. One of the myths that his story busts is that you can do ‘compensatory’ workouts to burn all those extra calories you’re consuming. As the article makes clear, this doesn’t work, and instead ends up reinforcing bad habits. However, you could totally do something about those extra calories, in fact, the remedy is easier than you think! Read on.

Five great workouts to help you stay fit through Diwali and the festive season

Avlani’s story wasn’t the only one to tackle the issues and anxieties related to over-indulging yourself during the festive season. It’s all very well, after all, to say that you should workout through the festive season, but what kind of exercises should you do be doing?

To answer this question, Lounge fitness writer and football commentator Pulasta Dhar curates a list of five great workouts that you should be doing. These will leave you pumped, refreshed, and as Dhar puts it, “slightly less full.” These are all intense cardio-based workouts, which is basically what you need. With videos to help you follow along, this is an story you must read.

How to take your cycling to the next level

One of the big fitness and sports trends during the pandemic has been the number of people who have taken up cycling. This is a trend that Lounge has been chronicling since 2020, when more and more people started buying bikes and cycling gear and hitting the roads. This has helped people cope with the anxieties of covid-19, apart from providing for a safe way to exercise and enjoy yourself without putting yourself and others in danger.

But what if, after a year of riding bikes like a newbie, you are finally ready to take your new-found obsession to the next level? In that case, you must read Shrenik Avlani’s one-stop guide to upgrading your bike. And not just your bike, but every part of your cycling gear too. After all, this is a sport where you need the absolute correct balance of ability and gear to get the most out of. From bikes to cycling shorts, we’ve got you covered.  

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