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Three great fitness tips for your weekend workouts

In this week's Lounge fitness roundup, we talk about hypertension and training, the importance of choosing the correct surface to run on and more

Stay healthy with these great fitness tips.
Stay healthy with these great fitness tips. (Unsplash)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup! Every Saturday, we bring you our pick of the fitness stories we’ve published over the past week. In case you missed reading our excellent fitness stories, fear not, because here’s the roundup.

Here at Lounge, our aim is to bring you the best fitness advice that you can use to get more out of your training. With that in mind, we highlight three stories here, on the myth of the fitness benefits of walking 10,000 steps everyday, how to tailor your workout if you have hypertension, and the importance of choosing the right surface to run on.

Why walking 10,000 steps is not going to make you fitter

Ever since wearable fitness trackers became a thing, there has been much advertising around the supposed fitness benefits of walking 10,000 steps everyday. In this article, writer Shrenik Avlani tries to understand if the claim is actually true.

Avlani speaks to fitness enthusiasts, reads up on the research, and consults fitness experts to come to the conclusion that 10,000 steps may not be everything that it is made up to be. If you want to separate fact from fiction regarding this issue, we strongly recommend you read the story!

How you can keep your heart healthy with exercise

Hypertension and hypotension, and other associated lifestyle diseases have been a menace for a while now. According to the latest medical research, as much as 25% of the world’s population may end up suffering from hypertension by 2025.

In this very important article, writer and fitness enthusiast Sohini Sen speaks to health professionals to find out two things. One, how exercising regularly can help beat back the development of blood pressure related diseases. Two, how does one exercise if one is suffering from hypertension or hypotension? A must-read.

Why you should choose your running surface with care

When it comes to running, writer Pulasta Dhar says, runners tend to concentrate on a variety of things. “There’s much to process during the initial days of running: how much you should run, the type of shoes you should be wearing, what’s a good running time, and whether you should opt for a running coach to give you the correct stride. There is one question that often gets overlooked though—how does a running surface affect your body?” Dhar writes.

Let’s face it, so many of running injuries come down to mistakes made while choosing the surface you run on. It’s important to know the pros and cons of all the different surfaces—from tarmac to sand—because then you’ll be able to tailor your run accordingly. Read it to find out more.    

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