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Three great fitness tips for your summer workouts

Summer is here and it's time to adapt to the warm weather. Here are three excellent fitness tips that will help you make the most of the heat

Train right with these fitness tips.
Train right with these fitness tips. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you the best stories from our fitness section that were published this week. We aim to get you the best fitness advice from some of the top experts in the country so you can make better decisions with regards to your training and reach your goals.

This week, we have three excellent stories that will definitely be of use to you. These include the best way to prepare for warm weather training, the best workouts for strong arms and the correct way to master that most difficult of techniques, the muscle-up. Have fun!

The best workout for strong arms

For the better part of last month, Shrenik Avlani has written a string of excellent stories on the best isolation workouts out there. In this week’s instalment, he writes about the importance of having strong arms and how you can train best for them.

Avlani speaks to two of India’s top fitness coaches to detail why it’s important for you to focus on strength training, when it comes to you arms. He also lists out five excellent full arm workouts for your benefit.

Take your strength to the next level with the muscle-up

What is a muscle-up? Well, we can’t put it any better than Pulasta Dhar, this is what he writes: “Is there an exercise that challenges one’s pulling power, pushing power, and core strength? Yes, the muscle-up. Is there an exercise that forges a mind-muscle connection that demands each and every muscle to coordinate to produce a rep? Yes, the muscle-up.”

As Dhar goes on to write, this is a challenging move that can take weeks to master. You have to start slow and keep piling on the difficulty, until one day you get ready. The point is, once you’ve put in the hard work, doing the muscle-up will ensure that your strength will go through the roof.

How to prepare your body for summer workouts

If you follow European football, you’ll find that every winter, clubs take their players to the tropics for what’s called warm weather training. Well, there’s a reason for it. Warm weather is actually better to train in, as Pulasta Dhar writes, because muscles are less stiff than in cold weather.

Now, in India, all we know is warm (hot actually) weather. So many of our challenges are different, and to prepare our bodies for warm weather training, we need to work on building up our stamina, mobility and flexibility. In this story, Dhar outlines six excellent routines that you should make a part of your summer training.

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