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Three great fitness tips for the New Year

Here's your weekend dose of some excellent fitness tips from Lounge that will help you start 2022 off with a bang

Begin 2022 with these great fitness tips.
Begin 2022 with these great fitness tips. (Istockphoto)

Happy New Year! Hello and welcome to another Saturday roundup of the best Lounge Fitness stories of the week. Given the date today, it isn’t surprising that most of our stories these past week have been about stories that drive home the need for simplicity. As you begin a new year, you should be mindful of the fact that all things fitness—from achieving goals to mastering proper form—can only be achieved by keeping things simple.

This is why, this week we have selected three must-read stories that will make life simpler for you. From a detailed list on the best fitness trackers on the market to simple but great resistance band workouts, this week’s picks have got you covered.

Why you need to do mobility exercises everyday

You may hate having to workout and we get it. However, whether you have fitness goals or not, you should definitely have mobility goals. As writer Shrenik Avlani says in his article, mobility is key to vast variety of things and can never be taken for granted.

Good mobility and range of motion not just allows you to do your exercises correctly, but also go about your everyday moves without fear of ache and injury. As Avlani writes, good mobility also ensures that you cut down on muscle soreness. With this in mind, Avlani lists out some simple and effective mobility exercise that everyone should do.

The five best fitness trackers you can buy

Fitness trackers have always been a growing concern. However their popularity has gone through the roof through the covid-19 pandemic. As people have become more health conscious, they have bought more health products online, and very often this includes a tracker.

However, are you using your tracker correctly? In fact do you even have the tracker that you really need? In this list, Shrenik Avlani goes through some of the best trackers on the market. He gives a quick overview of their functions, pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision.

Two great workouts for the New Year

As we said earlier, as the new year gets underway, we want to keep fitness simple and attainable for you. Which is why you should read this story by Bibek Bhattacharya. In it, he talks about how, when workout fatigue strikes, how the easiest way to get your body and mind back on track is to cut down fitness moves to the bare minimum.

In this story, Bhattacharya brings you two bodyweight workouts that you can use to change up your normal routine, and in doing so, reconnect with the purest forms of exercises, without any outside aid or gear. Try them out, and you’ll be sure to agree.

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