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Three great fitness tips for the festive season

In this week's roundup, Lounge brings you the best fitness gifting guide, how to use resistance bands and more

Make the correct fitness choices with our expert tips.
Make the correct fitness choices with our expert tips. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another roundup of the best fitness stories this week from Lounge. Every week, we pick some of the best fitness, health and nutrition stories that you may have missed, so that you can get the best tips to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This week, we have three great year-end fitness ideas for you. These range from the best fitness gifts you can give to the importance of getting the correct nutrition. Not only will these tips help you through the festive period, but also help you make the right choices in the New Year.

The perfect gifting guide for Christmas

‘Tis the season for giving gifts, so why don’t you give the special people in your life the gift of fitness? Since the covid-19 pandemic began last year, people have become more conscious of their health . In order to encourage them to stay on the path, it’s a good idea to opt for fitness-related gifts this winter.

Writer Shrenik Avlani has the best gifting options for you. From athleisure like hoodies, to protein snacks, to activity trackers, there’s so much to choose from Avlani goes through the options and advices on the best-in-category gifts that you should be looking at. Get reading, and get gifting.

Five great resistance band exercises

Here at Lounge Fitness, we are all huge fans of resistance bands. They started out as aids to physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises, but over the last thirty years, they have also become excellent substitutes to working out with weights.

In this story, fitness enthusiast Pulasta Dhar lists out five great banded exercises that will not only ensure that you’re getting a great workout, but will also aid in correcting any musculo-skeletal issues you may have. Oh, and did we mention that bands are excellent fitness accessories to carry with you when you’re travelling?

Is intermittent fasting good for you?

One of the longest running nutrition trends for the past ten years has been that of intermittent fasting. If you didn’t already know about it, in simple terms, this is a way of ensuring that you get your daily nutrition without overeating.

But does it really help? Shrenik Avlani speaks to fitness enthusiasts, pro athletes and medical professionals to bring you the full story on how exactly intermittent fasting worls and how you can use it to improve your fitness.

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