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Three fantastic fitness tips for the summer

The Lounge fitness roundup brings you some of the best advice you can have on summer activities, how to exercise properly and how to master weight training

Get the most out of your training day.
Get the most out of your training day. (Unsplash/Anastase Maragos)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you a selection of the best fitness stories from Lounge that you may have missed. Every week, we try to do stories that matter because want you to get the best possible fitness advise so you can get the most out of your training.

This week is no different. We have a story on some great activities that you can do this simmer to keep up your fitness levels. Elsewhere, we look to bust some myths about walking and fitness. Finally we have a story discussing the two main variations of the deadlift.

Stay fit and cool this summer with these great activities

This has been a scorching summer across the country, so we can understand if you’ve been slacking off on any strenuous activities. However, there are many things you can do which will help you stay fit and also help you stay cool.

In this story, fitness writer Shrenik Avlani looks at four such activities. These include perennial summer favourites like swimming, but also interesting things like aqua running and indoor cycling. Read on to discover why you should be doing them.

Why you need to do more for your fitness than just walking

A lot of people put a lot of faith in walking to get fit, or to stay fit. Add to that the fetishisation of “10,000 Steps” as a means to a healthy life, and the results can be quite self-defeating. It’s not that walking doesn’t help, it should just be the baseline activity.

This is what Shrenik Avlani explains in this thoughtful piece. People need to perform proper workouts for strength and physical wellbeing. Regular walking is a necessity, not the be-all and end-all of a fit lifestyle.

Why you need to master the deadlift for fitness gains

The deadlift has got to be one of the most popular strength training moves out there. A perfect workout for the back muscles, the deadlift is the cornerstone of any pull move. However, did you know about the variations?

In this story, writer Pulasta Dhar goes into great depth to discuss the conventional deadlift, as well as the sumo deadlift. Citing research, and speaking to trainers, he outlines why you should mix them up to keep your workouts fresh. 

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