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Three fabulous fitness tips to help you train better

Welcome to the latest edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Here are three excellent tips and fitness experiences that will help you achieve your goals

Train well this weekend
Train well this weekend (Unsplash/Anastasia Hisel)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday we bring you the pick of our fitness stories that you may have missed during the week. As always our goal is to bring you the best fitness tips and advise so you can train better and achieve your goals.

We have some great stories for you this week. These include tips on how to return to training after a long layoff, the experience of finally running a marathon after two years of no races and finally, how to get an excellent full body workout with just a weight plate So let’s jump right in.

How to return to fitness training after a break

We have all been there. The great disruption to our training schedule, brought on by either travel, or injury or illness or just too much work. If months have passed without training, it is easy to feel daunted by what looks like an uphill task.

However, as fitness enthusiast and author Shrenik Avlani writes, the way back to fitness is easier than you think. He speaks to normal people into fitness as well as with trainers to bring a step-by-step guide on getting back in shape. A must-read!

How it feels to run a marathon after two years

For those of us that are into running, the last two years of the covid-19 pandemic has been strange. We haven’t stopped running, but all our rhythms have changed. Most importantly, running has become a lonely thing, with physical distance and masking up the norm.

For writer and running enthusiast Sohini Sen, one of the biggest differences has been the lack of road races. These marathons have always provided a goal to train towards. In this story, Sen writes about the experience of finally running a road race in India, and just how amazing that felt.

The best strength workouts using just a weight plate

One of the upsides of working out over the last two pandemic years has been the realisation that we can always do more with less. We don’t need a full gym worth of equipment to get a good workout, or maintain an excellent training regimen.

In this story, football commentator and writer Pulasta Dhar waxes eloquent on the joys of working out with just a weight plate. These are usually the things you see on either side of a barbell, but, as Dhar shows, they can also be used just by themselves. He details some great workouts, along with videos to help out.

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