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Three excellent YouTube fitness trainers you should follow

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, these are the trainers you should be following

Follow along online with some of the best fitness trainers out there.
Follow along online with some of the best fitness trainers out there. (Istockphoto)

I workout everyday, and I absolutely hate gyms. Right now, due to the pandemic, all gyms are shut, but I’ve been managing just fine with home workouts for the past couple of years. Over time, I’ve figured out various exercise routines for myself by borrowing workouts from some excellent fitness YouTubers. There are plenty of really good, qualified trainers out there, and they cover every sort of exercise: from strength-based workouts to yoga. Here are three of my favourite YouTubers who I learn from almost everyday.

Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X

Cavaliere is the real deal when it comes to fitness trainers, whether online or in the real world. He’s got oodles of experience, first as a strength coach and physical therapist with the US baseball team New York Mets, and then as a trainer at his brand, Athlean-X. Cavaliere is excellent at breaking down the basics of fitness and strength training, and he often does so by marking out muscle fibres on his body with coloured pens before going on to explain what those muscles do and how to train them. Whether you’re looking for quality advice on workouts—be they isolation exercises or full-body or HIIT—or on correct form, Cavaliere’s your man. Whether you’re working out at a fully furnished gym, or at home with dumbbells or just with your body-weight, Cavaliere has got a workout for you.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

The most excitable trainer on YouTube is also one of the best there is. Wicks has created a fitness empire for himself in the UK and beyond by combining spot-on training with oodles of motivation. In fact one of the biggest draws, for me, of his follow-along videos is how much he huffs and puffs and struggles to finish the workouts. Don’t be taken in by it though, because Wicks is one of the fittest guys around. The UK’s top trending YouTuber in 2020, he also raised £580,000 for the UK National Health Service (NHS) to battle covid-19, and became even more popular with his home PE classes. All his workouts are great, though I’m partial to his full-body HIIT exercises. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a gym veteran. Also check out his cooking videos!

Chris Heria of ThenX

Compared to Joe Wicks, Chris Heria can come across as completely zen. A former bar athlete, a Street Workout Champion and a certified trainer, Heria is different from the other two in that he also includes calisthenics as part of his workout. This helps viewers figure out a variety of ways to do the same workout, whether using dumbbells or bodyweight. Heria’s workouts are always follow-alongs and most of them are done for time. The point of this to get as many quality repetitions done in the designated 45 or 60 seconds. I particularly like his shoulder, ab and leg workouts. He also gives excellent tips on healthy eating and snacking.

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