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The best fitness accessories to get you started

From new training shoes to a gadget to relieve your sore muscles, here are some excellent fitness accessories for your workouts

The Hypervolt 2 massager.
The Hypervolt 2 massager. (Courtesy Hyperice)

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Everything is open again. Over the last two years of your home workouts you might not have felt the need to get new gear but now with gyms, yoga studios, fitness centres and races all staging a comeback you are going to need to get a fitness update. Here are our recommendations for this summer’s best offerings.  

NOBULL shoes: Reebok’s Nanos were the first shoes designed for functional fitness and boot camp style workouts. The brand was also the title sponsor of CrossFit Games for the longest time. It was recently replaced by another American brand as the title sponsor of CrossFit Games, which successfully elevated fitness to the genre of spectator sport. The brand is called NOBULL. They offer apparel and other accessories too but it is their workout shoes that are the most popular, and rightfully so. 

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The shoes are no nonsense with a clean and simple design—flat soles with ample grip and firm enough to be used for lifting weights, while flexible enough to do the cardio components of a functional fitness routine. The soles come in exciting design options and the uppers come in vibrant colours and cool patterns. You also have the choice of choosing from leather, canvas or their signature woven upper—all of which are breathable. You also have some high top offerings for added ankle support, which also look pretty cool. 

BlissClub and Uniqlo apparel: Of late, athleisure has become a crowded space, and it can leave one pretty confused. But on the bright side, there’s plenty of choice available now. Among the homegrown brands, BlissClub has some very exciting offerings for  Indian body types in mind. BlissClub is among the few brands that actually incorporate pockets in almost all their products.

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Uniqlo’s active wear range is an excellent big name alternative to the traditional sports brands’ offerings. These are lightweight with efficient sweat wicking, they’re quick-dry, and keep you as cool as these fabrics possibly can. They are stretchy and comfortable as well, and come at a competitive price point. 

Hypervolt 2: If you play a sport or pursue an active lifestyle, you will know soreness. Stretching out your sore muscles help, but now there’s a gadget to help you if you’re feeling lazy—the Hypervolt 2, designed by Hyperice. This is the same company that makes the Normatec leg recovery system that is popular among professional athletes. 

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The Hypervolt 2 is a percussion massage gun that comes with different attachments to massage different parts of your body. You can adjust the speed as per your tolerance levels and use the gun to relieve whichever muscle group is troubling you the most; you can also go as deep or as light as you like. The Hyperice app guides you through Hypervolt 2 functions, and also has videos and a timer. You can finally attend to your sore muscles without having to wait for an appointment with your massage therapist.      

The Whole Truth nutrition bars: If you use the internet at all, there is no way you will escape promos for “healthy” food products that promise to improve your quality of life. Well, you’d be wise to take such tall claims with a pinch of salt. However, what you eat definitely has an impact on your health. With the majority of the population given to snacking at regular intervals through the day, the bite-sized mini bars from The Whole Truth are a fantastic option. 

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They also have energy bars that can be used as a pre-workout snack and protein bars for post-workout nutrition. The brand has just launched muesli, dark chocolate and nut butters. The best part is that all ingredients are clearly mentioned and they have a short shelf life, which indicates an absence of preservatives and extra sugar.

Shrenik Avlani is a writer and editor and co-author of The Shivfit Way, a book on functional fitness.

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